Are you struggling to find the ideal gift for a colleague or loved one for Christmas? We understand that shopping for others may not always be simple. To assist you with your holiday shopping, we have conveniently created a list of our 4 best-selling products (Under R1000), which we believe would be great gifting options.

These great products are suitable for both home and office working environments.


Curble Posture Corrector

Help a loved one improve their seated posture and reduce back pain.

RRP: R999, click here to read more/purchase yours today.

Ergo Flex Device Holder

RRP: R469, click here to read more/purchase yours today.

Position your phone or tablet while sitting on the couch, working at your desk, sitting or lying in bed, or even cooking in the kitchen! It is the ideal product if you watch movies or videos on your device or need easy access to your phone or tablet screen while at work.

With the use of the Ergo Flex you can at least ensure that you reduce the postural strain caused by the time spent on mobile devices.

The Ergo Flex can carry a maximum device weight of 700g. The adjustable device clamp can accommodate gadgets with a width range of between 125-225mm. The attachment clamp can be mounted onto desk edges with a thickness of up to 75mm. *Best Seller*

Both of these adjustable laptop stand options are compact and portable, and can be used to better position your laptop, tablet, books and more.

Ergo Anywhere Laptop Stand

Ergo Anywhere + Laptop Stand with USB ports

RRP: R369. Click here to read more or to purchase yours today.

RRP: R699. Click here to read more or to purchase yours today.

Ergonomic Footrest

Our height-adjustable footrests can,

  • Improve Seated Posture by helping you utilise your chair’s backrest.
  • Reduce Lower Back pain, footrests improve posture and reduce back pain by facilitating more ergonomic postural angles through the entire body.
  • Improve Circulation, using a footrest dramatically decreases the chance of developing circulatory issues.
  • Increase comfort levels, allowing you to rest your feet on a stable surface while working.

Kelly Footrest – RRP: R829.00. To read more/shop now, click here.

Ergo Dynamic Frame and Board Footrest – RRP: R799.00. To read more/shop now, click here.

Ergo Height Adjustable Footrest – RRP: R949.00. To read more/shop now, click here.

Investing in the health, comfort and productivity of your loved ones is a great way of showing them that you care. Spoil them with the gift that keeps on giving this December at Ergonomicsdirect.

Happy shopping, we wish you all a safe and jolly festive season.


Yours in Ergonomics,

The Ergonomicsdirect team.

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