Since ergonomics has become a trending topic in office environments, we noticed a significant spike in ergonomic investments over the last couple of years, especially within law firms. Once we’ve filtered down this trend, we’ve noticed that individuals and firms are consistently investing in the same products and we’ve come to know why.

Here are 3 product categories that capture the most attention in law firms, along with product recommendations for each category.

  1. Ergonomic Office Chairs – This to us came as no surprise. As most legal work requires attention-to-detail and many hours of concentration, it is important to have a chair that offers you the support and comfort your body needs. With this being said, a good quality adjustable chair is necessary for those long hours behind the desk. Our Ergo Executive Chair provides the user with the ultimate seating experience. It not only offers comfort but offers the user multiple seating adjustment options and a crisp and classy look to back up its name.
  2. Standing Desks – This being one of the popular product categories in ergonomics, standing desks have been considered an asset in many law firms over the last couple of years. As many people in the legal industry spend many long days and nights behind their desks, having the ability to optimize their workstation has proven to be beneficial in their line of work. Adjusting your desk so that you can alternate between sitting and standing has enabled legal departments to be more productive which cuts downtime in project/case delivery. Due to the amount of working space required due to paperwork, freestanding desks have been the more popular option.

Due to this, the Ergo Office Two Dual Motor Height Adjustable Standing Desk Frame is a hot product for the job. It comes in at an affordable price of only R9499, and the user/firms can purchase a custom top for the frame at an additional cost.  The top is customised by colour, size, and finish (mostly comes in a Melawood finish). For more information on this frame, click here.

  1. Document holders – At law firms, we’ve noticed many staff members have an interest in transcribing equipment/gadgets to assist them in working more efficiently. Our Document Holder holds up to 50 pages and has a 3-setting adjustment feature. This document holder can lift your documents off your desk, enabling you to transcribe with ease and reduce paper clutter while enabling a better ergonomic posture. For more information on our document holder, click here.

These are our recommendations for law firms – 3 products that can help you work more efficiently and comfortably. If you would like us to come out and evaluate the working environment at your firm, please contact us at 021 426 2378 or send us an email on

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