Written by: Wendy van Wyk, Registered Biokineticist

Hello Ergonomic Enthusiasts, 

In these trying times, especially when working remotely, we all want to be more productive. How can ergonomics improve productivity?

The ergonomics improvement process reduces ergonomic risk factors and improves the interaction between the workplace and the worker. Done well, this process removes barriers to productivity and makes tasks easier and faster to accomplish.

Here are 3 ways that ergonomics can increase productivity:

Ergonomic Workstations Help Reduce the Risk of Injury

One of the biggest threats to productivity at the workplace is an increase in injuries, resulting in an increase in the number of employees who are absent at the workplace. A solution companies can consider is offering comfortable workstations that promote healthy postures, which in turn, help cut down strain and make work easier.

Employees Who Have Ergonomic Workstations Make Fewer Errors

Workers who work in ergonomic workstations concentrate better at what they are doing. In contrast, uncomfortable employees tend to get distracted from their work by the discomfort and end up making errors that they would have otherwise not made. 

Comfortable Workers Have More Energy, Therefore Work Better

Office ergonomics can boost employee mood and energy. Poor posture can lead to fatigue, stress, and discomfort, ultimately affecting one’s mood. By creating an environment that allows employees to succeed, they will feel more confident in their ability to perform and feel less overwhelmed. This environment can also enable employees to focus better and can motivate them to get their work done effectively and efficiently. 

ConclusionErgonomics can have a dramatic and far-reaching impact, including improving productivity. In today’s competitive business environment, it’s impossible to ignore ergonomics as a valuable and necessary process.

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Please stay safe out there.

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