Do you want to start your 2020 off by investing more in your health and well-being? Are you taking the “New Year, New Me” approach seriously this year? Well, this change might be as easy as optimizing your current working environment.

To start 2020 off, our team of ergonomic product experts have recommended 2 products that can make a difference to your lower back discomforts, as well as 2 products that can support your upper back and shoulders. When recommending these products, we will focus mainly on how it can benefit the targeted back discomforts. Any additional features or benefits will be excluded on this article. Let’s get into it.

For your lower back

  1. Ergo Saddle Chair with Seat Tilt

The seat tilt feature on our Ergo Saddle Chair promotes pelvic moment and enables the user to decide at which angle they want to be positioned, which has a significant impact on the user’s comfort and seating posture (by encouraging the user to always be seated in an upright position).

Although you might think that you will not be getting back support (as the saddle doesn’t have a “backrest” like a normal office chair), adjusting the pelvic tilt and improving your seating posture can be beneficial to those who suffer from lower back problems.

  1. SOHO Back Support

The Soho Back Support is designed to encourage a more ergonomic spinal posture and improve seated comfort. It is lightweight, portable, and provides dynamic support for the spine and surrounding joints.

It can fit on most office chairs and can also be used on most car seats. The unique design allows the 2 flexible plates to conform to the shape of your spine and encourage movement whilst in the seated position. The Soho back contours seamlessly to the spine. It ensures no pressure is placed on the vertebrae.

For your upper back and shoulders

How does one reduce discomfort in the upper back/shoulder region? Over the last couple of months, we’ve discussed how you can improve your posture by daily implementation of ergonomic principles at your workstation and by investing in the correct ergonomic products for your specific needs. With improved posture, you can relieve your upper back and shoulders from tension and strain which can if left untreated, lead to short-term or long-term discomforts.

Here are 2 products that can assist you to better your posture and relieve upper back and shoulder discomforts:

  1. The Ergo Anywhere Laptop Stand (or any of our other laptop stands)

This slim, portable, height-adjustable, lightweight laptop stand is perfect for adjusting the position of your laptop screen, tablet or books to help promote better posture.

If your laptop is at a correct angle, it will reduce slouching which is a common cause for back and shoulder pain.

  1. Flexispot F7B Single Screen Height Adjustable Monitor Arm Mount or Flexispot F7DB Dual Screen Height Adjustable Monitor Arm Mount

Just like laptop stands, the Flexispot F7B and F7DB single and dual monitor arms enables you to easily adjust the angle, height and distance of your monitor.

When your monitor is at the correct height, angle and distance, you will be able to achieve and maintain better posture easier, which can then lead to reduced back and shoulder discomforts.

If you would like more information on the above products, click the product headings.

On behalf of the Ergonomicsdirect team, we would like to welcome you into 2020 and wish you all a prosperous, ergonomic New Year.

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