About Us

We are South Africa’s most comprehensive supplier of innovative products and services to improve workplace well-being and productivity. Our unique combination of products, skills and customer service has helped many organisations improve the productivity and well-being of their personnel.

Ergonomicsdirect is an independent supplier of specialist ergonomic equipment for office and home working environments. We source our ergonomic products from many recognised and leading global suppliers and, most importantly, we only stock products that have passed critical analysis by our experts and met our own strict ergonomic quality standards.

We believe that by improving your office ergonomics, you will have an exponential benefit to your health, comfort and productivity.  Both company founders have a medical background, Jayson Chin is a practicing orthotist prosthetist and Piet Nel qualified as a physiotherapist. With a passion for healthcare and wellness both Jayson and Piet wanted to have a far-reaching impact on the wellbeing of people and, instead of treating individuals and symptoms, they wanted to address the wider population and the cause of these symptoms. In our digital world people are spending hours, weeks and over time, years on computers and other electronic devices. The impact of being seated, stationary, or performing repetitive actions like typing is one of the leading causes for our body’s aches and pains, as well as impacting negatively on other areas of our health. We have used our expertise to select a diverse product range that will allow you to evolve your workspace ergonomics to suite your individual or company’s needs. Invest in yourself, invest in your wellbeing. It is possible to work smarter, healthier and be more productive!

At Ergonomicsdirect, our mission is to help the modern office worker achieve a healthy, comfortable, and productive work environment by making available high-quality, brand-name, and highly effective ergonomic office products, with the convenience of secure online shopping. Ergonomics: Allowing you to protect your long-term health You are not alone in feeling body pains and aches from extended periods of work at your desk or laptop. Too many people suffer from muscular and skeletal injuries as a result of bad posture, inappropriate equipment or misuse of falsely branded “ergonomic” equipment. We can help you to protect your long-term health by providing you with the best possible ergonomic equipment to reduce the risk of short and long-term injury resulting from extended periods of work at your desk. People, organisations, and businesses all over South Africa choose our products to increase productivity, protect long-term health, and find the best ergonomic equipment on the market.