Demo Flat Seat Sit-Stand Wobble Stool



What our customers love about this product:
❤️ Unique seating option for height-adjustable desks
❤️ Improves posture and relieves back strain
❤️ Allows for perching – sit and stand at the same time
❤️ Promotes active sitting – move while you are sitting
❤️ Easy-to-use height adjustment

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Transform your sit-stand desk experience with the Wobble Stool, a dynamic addition that allows you to perch comfortably at the perfect height between sitting and standing. Embrace a sit-stand perched position that distributes body weight proportionately, providing relief to your spine and fostering a more dynamic working posture. This active seating solution is designed to keep you moving, enhancing your overall well-being while boosting productivity.


The Wobble Stool is a height-adjustable standing desk stool crafted to encourage movement and redistribute the weight-bearing load between sitting and standing. Burn calories, rock, and move safely while staying productive at your desk, whether at home or in the office. This fun and functional chair naturally tilts and moves under your control, promoting an active and engaged work environment.

Key Features:

  1. Height Adjustable and Non-Skid Weighted Base:
    • Easily move around while seated with the height-adjustable feature and a non-skid weighted base for stability.
  2. Dynamic Seating Experience:
    • Distribute your body weight between your feet and bottom while enjoying the benefits of a sit-stand desk.
  3. 360-Degree Swivel and Plush Fabric Cushion:
    • The rounded seat swivels 360 degrees, providing additional comfort.
    • The plush fabric cushion ensures a comfortable and cool seating experience.
  4. Unique Design for Controlled Movement:
    • Enjoy controlled movement with the Wobble Stool’s unique design, enhancing your active working posture.
  5. Self-Stabilizing Weighted Base:
    • The weighted base returns to an upright position after use, ensuring stability and safety.
  6. Height Adjustment and Load Capacity:
    • Adjust the height from 58.4cm to 83.8cm with a simple push-button under the seat.
    • Maximum load capacity: 110kg.

Limited Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with a 6-month limited warranty, showcasing our confidence in the Wobble Stool’s durability and performance.

Revitalize your work routine—introduce the Wobble Stool to your workspace.


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