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Take your sit-stand workstation to the next level. The Ergo Active Standing Mat offers a contoured surface with a rollable ball in the centre. The Active Mat is specifically designed to promote movement, increase comfort and reduce fatigue while standing. 

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Upgrade your standing desk experience with the Ergo Active Standing Mat, a must-have for promoting comfort, movement, and well-being. This antifatigue mat is designed to enhance your standing routine, providing both cushioning comfort and space for dynamic movement.

Key Features:

  1. Reduced Leg and Foot Strain:
    • The Ergo Active mat is crafted to reduce strain on your legs and feet during prolonged periods of standing, ensuring comfort throughout your workday.
  2. Ideal for Cold, Hard Floors:
    • Address the discomfort of cold, hard floor surfaces, particularly during winter. This mat provides a soft and insulated surface, making your standing experience more pleasant.
  3. Promotes Active Movement:
    • Encourages active movement while standing, preventing stiffness and promoting better blood circulation. The design is intended to keep you engaged and comfortable.
  4. Thick Level Floor Section:
    • The level floor section is thicker than many other mats, offering exceptional cushioning comfort for static standing.
  5. Sloped Sidewalls:
    • The sloped sidewalls allow you to elevate or reposition one or both feet. This feature enables you to stretch your calves and stand comfortably with a wider stance, enhancing your overall standing experience.
  6. Central Rollable Massage Ball:
    • The mat includes a central, rollable massage ball that serves various purposes. Use it to massage and stretch your feet, roll it for additional movement, or keep your feet busy during the day.
  7. Removable Massage Ball:
    • The central ball is removable, providing versatility in how you use the mat and allowing you to customize your standing experience.


  • Material Used: PU Foam
  • Size: 71cm (W) x 61cm (D) x 7.5cm (H)
  • Ball Diameter: 5cm
  • Ball Color: Black
  • Limited Warranty: 3 Months

Limited Warranty: 3 months

The Ergo Active Standing Mat is a versatile addition to any office or home office environment. Easily slide it out of the way when not in use, and enjoy the benefits of improved comfort and mobility during your standing sessions.


7 reviews for Ergo Active Standing Mat

  1. Jarred

    I am really enjoying and benefitting from this addition to my standing desk set up. I have a standing mat at both my home and work office. One on a carpeted floor and the other on a laminated wooden floor. It has drastically improved my standing comfort on both surfaces and it really does make me move around more while standing. I use the side walls to change position and often find myself rolling my foot on the ball to relieve stress when dealing with emails etc. I really like this product and highly recommend it.

  2. Ntombi

    Excellent product that encourages different feet positions and with a massage ball to boot! Has definitely made standing easier and added variation.

  3. Nicola Snyman

    I can stand for longer and my feet are not getting tired so quickly. I love the ability to move around and change position on the mat. the sloped walls are particularly handy.

  4. Lappies

    I thought I’d give this “edged” mat a try and I’m really enjoying it. I love standing and stretching my calves as well as the ability to move around and changing my position.

  5. Loren

    Love this product!

  6. Caleb Shelby

    An excellent accessory that compliments and enhances my standing desk working experience! it makes standing more comfortable and it motivates me to move while standing.

  7. Chadley

    Really great quality mat.

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