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If you need to move your standing desk around, this handy set of wheels will be of great assistance. The wheels can simply screw into the base of the electrical freestanding desk frames from Ergonomicsdirect, turning your desk into a mobile unit.

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The set consists of 4 wheels. 2 of the wheels are lockable to ensure that the standing desk is secure when in use.


  • Easy installation – compatible with the range of electrical freestanding desks from Ergonomicsdirect.
  • 2 of the wheels are lockable.


  • The wheels are made of wear-resistant, durable PU material.
  • The pins that attach to the desk frame are threaded with a diameter of 7.87 mm
  • The pin length is 13.97mm
  • The wheel diameter is 50.8mm
  • The total height of the wheel when installed is 58.42cm.

Please note the following:

  • It is advisable to install the lockable wheels on the side of the desk where you will be standing to ensure easy access to the locking mechanism.
  • Please ensure that the 2 lockable wheels are securely fastened while the desk is in use.
  • Please ensure that all the items on the desk are secure when moving around the desk.
  • Only move the desk around on an even floor surface.
  • The wheels will raise the overall height of the desk. This might not make a significant difference while using the desk standing but will make a noticeable difference when using the desk in a lower position while seated.

What is in the box:

4 castor wheels of which 2 are lockable.

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  1. Dylan

    Easy to move your desk into different areas and two wheels are lockable.

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