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Become a Reseller

Ergonomicsdirect has several resellers in the furniture and office supply industry. We also have resellers in the medical industry which include Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Chiropractors.

Sample products

Ergonomicsdirect strongly believes in the value and importance of sample products and offer an additional discount to our resellers on sample product.

The benefits of owning sample products include:

  • Customers like to see and feel a product to form a clearer understanding of how the product works and how it can be used in their environment.
  • Sample products are important for demonstration during the process of matching an individual with the best possible ergonomic products to suite their specific needs.
  • Having sample products is a highly effective way of allowing customers to experience the benefits of ergonomics for themselves.
  • Sample products allow for greater business success and is an important part of becoming a successful reseller.

Medical Practitioners:

Treat your patients holistically. Offer them the benefits of ergonomic office equipment. Address one of the root causes of workplace related ailments by addressing the working environment.

By becoming a reseller, you can benefit both your patient and your practice. Set up a display in your reception area to create additional income by reselling ergonomic products directly to your patients.

What to do:

Become a reseller and allow your customers access to a healthy, productive and more comfortable working environment.

To become part of the office evolution as an Ergonomicsdirect product reseller, please get in touch by completing the form below.