Testing the weight capacity of our Ergo Office 2 Frame

I recently challenged myself to find new, unorthodox ways of showcasing some of our Ergonomicsdirect products. One of my personal favourites has always been the Ergo Office Two Dual Motor Height-Adjustable Desk Frame. On paper, it’s quite easy to identify all benefits and specifications of this product, but a common question we’re asked is “Can […]

Ergonomics in the Tattoo Industry

Written by Austin Harichuran, (COEE) & Head of Digital and Marketing at Ergonomicsdirect Ergonomic furniture and accessories have taken our local market by storm. Office trends aren’t really “trends” anymore without ergonomics being featured in the conversation. Over the years, the focus of ergonomics has been mostly on everyday office workers. However, what we’ve discovered was […]

Ergo Flex vs. Ergo Tray ft. (@tkskingdom)

Ergo Flex vs. Ergo Tray ft. (@tkskingdom) We had recently partnered with TK for our birthday giveaway, and boy was it spectacular. We’ve successfully sent out a whopping 30 Ergo Flexs’ to 30 lucky winners across the country, and their feedback was outstanding. Previous Next In case you’ve missed it, check out our recent Instagram […]

Benefits of Using Standing Desk Mats at Work

By Wendy van Wyk, Registered Biokineticist Standing while working has become a popular work approach. Many offices are adopting the use of ergonomic standing desks for their employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle, encouraging them to move as they work. They have equally become a popular home office fixture, now that working from home has […]

Affordable Ergonomic Festive Gift Ideas

Affordable Ergonomic Festive Gift Ideas

Are you struggling to find the ideal gift for a colleague or loved one for Christmas? We understand that shopping for others may not always be simple. To assist you with your holiday shopping, we have conveniently created a list of our 4 best-selling products (Under R1000), which we believe would be great gifting options. […]

3 Benefits of an Ergonomic Footrest

3 Benefits of an ergonomic footrest

By Austin Harichuran (Ergonomic Evaluator, Head of Digital and Marketing at Ergonomicsdirect) This article is ideal if you’re interested in learning about the benefits of a footrest, or if you can relate/have experienced any of the following: (Swinging feet while sitting on a chair; back pain; poor posture; low productivity while working; fatigue; poor blood […]

Our working from home favourites

Our working from home favourites

Since the start of national lockdown in SA, there has been an increased demand for work from home equipment due to so many people having to work remotely. Below we have listed a few of our best-selling work from home products with a summary of the benefits that they offer to you and your workspace. […]