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Kneeling chairs have been in use for many years. What differentiates the Easy-Adjust Kneeling chair from others, is the effortless, gas lift aided, angle and height adjustment. Ideally used for shorter periods at a time, a kneeling chair offers an alternative seating position to break up those long hours of being stuck at your desk into shorter, more manageable sessions.

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A kneeling chair is different from any other normal ergonomic office chair, but unfortunately, not everyone will find it comfortable. It offers no support for your lower and upper back while seated and distributes the weight of sitting between your bottom, upper legs and your knees.

It can offer a short-term, alternative position that can bring comfort and relief to certain users, depending on their specific needs and the underlying cause of their discomfort or pain. We generally do not recommend the kneeling chair for use by anyone with knee pain or conditions. It should also not be seen or used as an 8 hour a day solution, but rather as an additional positioning/seating option for shorter intervals during the day – normally between 30 minutes to 2 hours at a time.

For users with lower back pain that react well to a change in their posture, the kneeling chair can provide a welcome variation to their static position. The design encourages an upright posture by aligning the back, shoulders and neck while the pelvis tilt makes it very difficult to slouch back into the chair.

Although not suitable for everyone, there are many users that love the kneeling chair and use it with great success as an alternative seating solution for shorter periods of time.


  • Easy seat height adjustment with the use of a gas lift
  • The distance between the seat and knee rest can be adjusted by moving the position of the pin connecting the 2 sections of the frame. This needs to be done by using 2 LM keys to loosen and tighten the pin.
  • 40mm thick, high-density foam on the seat and kneeling section
  • Black powder-coated metal frame.
  • Lockable, threaded, PU double wheel castors.

User weight limit: 120kg*

*Please note that although the weight limit is 120kg, we do not recommend the kneeling chair to be used by individuals heavier than 100kg due to the additional pressure that this will cause on the user’s knees. 

Some assembly is required: Please note that the chair comes boxed and is partially assembled.  It requires the wheels to be screwed in and the gas lift to be inserted. These installation tasks should take between 5 – 10 minutes.

1-year warranty


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