Unboxed Ergo Frame and Board Dynamic Footrest



The Ergo Frame and Board is a dynamic footrest that promotes movement of the user’s feet which promotes blood circulation and assists with combating fatigue. This footrest has been a trusted product in our range for many years.

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This footrest increases comfort and decreases fatigue by redistributing body weight for healthier positioning of the spine and legs. The angle is easily adjusted with your feet when in a sitting position, to provide improved comfort and enhanced ergonomics for people with different needs.


  • Tilts- adjust to the position of the user
  • Lightweight and collapsible
  • Non-slip
  • Support surface – serrated for better grip
  • Ready assembled

Dimensions for Footrest:

  • 47.5 cm Wide.
  • 30cm Deep.
  • 7.5cm High when parallel to the ground.

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