By Wendy van Wyk, Registered Biokineticist

Easter is here and the first quarter of the year has flown by terribly quickly. Something I hear people say every day is how exhausted and fatigued they already are in 2021.

Sitting in bad posture at a poorly designed workstation for hours-on-end could be hugely contributing to this fatigue. An ergonomically correct office space will help you reduce fatigue and discomfort – who doesn’t want that?

Office ergonomics is the study and modification of the office workplace to best fit it to the needs and requirements of the workers. The basic posture of each employee is considered in relation to his workstation, as well as other factors that increase fatigue (such as glare, noise and poor temperature control).

Workstations can be designed to maximize performance and reduce costs by considering both ergonomics and productivity together.

Ergonomics Increases Productivity

A well-designed workspace allows for good posture, fewer repetitive motions, better heights and reaches, less exertion, reduced awkward postures and high-force requirements, and more efficiency. Companies that invest in ergonomic equipment in their workspaces find that employees can work at a faster pace, make fewer errors, are more positive, and have higher energy levels.

Ergonomics Decreases Costs

Happier, safer, healthier employees save companies money. Production stays up because absenteeism is lower. If an employee experiences less or no discomfort or fatigue during the workday, it can reduce turnover and MSD costs, improve morale, and increase staff involvement.

Ergonomics Improves Quality

Happy, comfortable, healthy employees work harder. They aren’t as fatigued or frustrated, so they tend to do their best work. A job that is less physically taxing allows employees to work to the best of their ability as they were trained.  It’s important to be aware of one’s level of fatigue, and just as important to know that most workplace fatigue is avoidable.

At Ergonomicsdirect, we can assist in doing a proper workstation assessment for you, and then suggest modifications and products to make your workstation fit your needs.This enables maximum performance through reduction of wasted motion and unnecessary stresses.

Let’s create a safe, ergonomic space for you today, and improve your health, comfort and productivity!

Hope everyone had a great easter and I wish you all a happy and healthy April – stay safe out there.

Yours in Ergonomics



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