Ergo Easy-Adjust Kneeling Chair with Backrest



What our customers love about this product
❤️ Improved version of an ergonomic classic seating option
❤️ A completely “different” way of sitting
❤️ May relieve lower back strain
❤️ Unique, adjustable lower back support
❤️ Easy gas lift-assisted adjustable seat angle
❤️ Mobil and easy to store

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An innovative seating option offering quick and effortless posture adjustments. This updated version of the classic kneeling chair boasts enhanced features, allowing users to customize seat angle and height using a convenient gas lift lever. The adjustable backrest, operated by a simple ratchet system, adds to the versatility of this unique chair.

Key Design Elements:

The ergonomic design of the kneeling chair requires users to sit with bent knees, distributing pressure under the thighs, shins, and knees. The forward tilt encourages an upright posture, aligning the back, shoulders, and neck. The lower back support minimizes slouching, making it an excellent alternative seating solution.


  1. Easy Seat Height Adjustment:
    • Use the gas lift lever for quick and hassle-free seat height adjustment.
  2. Customizable Distance Between Seat and Knee Rest:
    • Adjust the distance between the seat and knee rest by moving the position of the pin, offering four positioning options for tailored comfort.
  3. Unique Roller Wheels:
    • Facilitate smooth forward and backward movement with roller wheels covered in PU.
  4. Adjustable Backrest with 5 Positions:
    • Enjoy flexibility with a backrest that can be set in five different positions. It can also be adjusted out of the way if support is not needed for certain periods.


  • Frame: Grey powder-coated metal frame for durability.
  • Roller Wheels: Covered with PU, allowing controlled movement.
  • User Weight Limit: Sturdy construction with a weight limit of 100kg.
  • Seat and Kneeling Section: 45mm thick Polyurethane foam for comfort.
  • Foam Compliance: Meets the requirements of Section 3.4 for the Resilient Filling Material test of the California Technical Bulletin 117-2013.

Assembly Note: The chair comes boxed and requires minimal assembly.

Warranty: Backed by a 1-year warranty, providing assurance of the chair’s quality and durability.

Transform your seating experience—choose the Easy-Adjust Kneeling Chair for dynamic and comfortable support.

8 reviews for Ergo Easy-Adjust Kneeling Chair with Backrest

  1. Marlene

    I am really enjoying this kneeling chair. The sitting angle is easily adjustable with the gas lift and the backrest allows me to sit back when needed. It is a well made product.

  2. Clark H

    Great product!

  3. Monica Lander

    I have used a kneeling chair before but the backrest on this model really makes a huge difference. I am able to sit upright more easily and don’t get tired so quickly. Really enjoying this product.

  4. Fazelah

    Easy seat height adjustment and adjustable backrest with 5 different positions. Love this chair.

  5. Jacobus

    It took a bit of time to assemble but the product is great. I particularly enjoy the easy adjustability and the lower back support – definitely a unique product.

  6. Zane Hugh Lambert

    Great alternative to a regular chair. It has made a HUGE improvement to my back pain. I had a more basic kneeling chair many years ago and this version is sooooo much better with easy adjustment and its much more comfortable.

  7. Leentjie

    I love the adjustability of this kneeling chair which enables me to easy change my position and weight distribution. The backrest is an added benefit and allows me to sit back at times – great product!

  8. Sandy

    Very helpful in dealing with lower back pain.

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