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❤️ Super Comfortable
❤️ Amazing range of adjustability to fit your body size and your needs
❤️ Stylish chair that complements any environment
❤️ Excellent value for money
❤️ Durable and has a 5-year guarantee
❤️ BIFMA, Greenguard Gold and Ergonomically Certified

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Discover the Ergo Exec chair—an embodiment of ergonomic excellence and contemporary design, meticulously crafted to redefine your workspace. This chair seamlessly blends user-friendly simplicity with unrivaled comfort, offering an extensive range of ergonomic adjustments tailored to your unique needs. Its sleek and stylish design effortlessly complements any office decor, making it a standout choice for professionals who prioritize both aesthetics and functionality.

Ergonomic Adjustability and Specifications:

  • Adjust seat height from 450mm to 550mm for personalized comfort.
  • Slide the seat pan with a 6cm depth adjustment for optimal seating.
  • 4D armrest adjustment for precise positioning—up and down, inward and outward, and forward and backward movements.
  • Depth adjustment in armrest pads enables closer positioning to the desk.
  • Lumbar support height adjustment within a 6cm range.
  • Backrest with reclining, tension adjustment, and a locking synchro mechanism with 3 lockable positions.
  • Upholstered headrest with a 5cm height adjustment.
  • Weight rating: 113kg.
  • Chair weight: 21kg.
  • Shipped boxed with easy assembly.

Ergonomic Adjustability and Specifications:

  • Seat height can be adjusted from 450mm to 550mm.
  • Seat pan slide offers a 6cm depth adjustment.
  • 4D armrest adjustment allows for up and down, inward and outward, and forward and backward movements to ensure ergonomic forearm placement and shoulder support.
  • The armrest pads’ depth adjustment enables the user to sit closer to their desk when needed.
  • Lumbar support can be adjusted in height within a 6cm range.
  • Backrest reclining, tension adjustment, and locking synchro mechanism with 3 lockable positions, utilizing an Italian imported 3 stop-lock tilting positioning mechanism.
  • Upholstered headrest with a 5cm height adjustment.
  • Weight rating: 113kg.
  • Chair weight: 21kg.
  • Please note that the chair is shipped boxed and requires simple assembly.


  • Polished aluminium alloy chair base.
  • 60mm PU nylon castors for smooth mobility.
  • High-density durable automotive-grade molded foam seat for enhanced comfort.
  • Standard seat and black mesh back, anti-skid, and easy to clean.
  • Environmentally friendly materials: PA engineered plastic nylon with 30% glass fiber for back and seat base.
  • Armrest racks crafted from aluminum alloy.

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Warranty and Certification:

  • BIFMA & Greenguard Gold Certified.
  • Certified Ergonomic Chair.
  • 5-year warranty.

Please note:

  • The headrest cannot be removed from this frame
  • For quantity orders, customize chair colors with a lead time on delivery. Please note that the headrest cannot be removed from this frame.

Experience the pinnacle of ergonomic design. Upgrade to Ergo Exec today!

7 reviews for Ergo Exec Ergonomic Chair with Headrest

  1. Eddy

    I am 1.8m tall and with the adjustability the chair provides gives me so much comfort, it is difficult to compare a entry level chair to this one. Also the Armrest can adjust quite high. Very comfy and strong. Thank you to Ergonomicsdirect team especially to Wendy that assisted me with the correct setup as well!

  2. Grant

    I’m really enjoying this chair. All the adjustability that it offers allows me to set it up to my exact needs. The chair is well made and was easy to assemble.

  3. Allison

    lots of adjustment settings an d very comfortable. i recommend this chair

  4. Caydon

    Expensive but very comfortable.

  5. Caylin

    The chair is a bit pricy but very comfortable with lots of adjustments.

  6. Abu

    Sleek and stylish design but provides me with adjustability and comfortability too.

  7. Polo Shangani

    Comfortable with ALL the adjustments of chair that were more than double. I did my homework when shopping and after a month of using this chair i am happy and relieved that i was right, this chair is excellent value for money–really loving it!

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