Ergo Saddle Chair with Seat Tilt



What our customers love about this product
❤️ Immediate seated postural improvement
❤️ Easily adjustable seat tilt can reduce lower back pain or strain
❤️ Mobile – easy to move around the room while seated
❤️ Design promotes active sitting
❤️ Ideal for physical consultative industry such as dentists, doctors, therapists, tattoo artists, and jewelers
❤️ Easy to clean and durable
❤️ Saddle design redistributes seating pressure onto thighs and sitting bones
❤️ The split seat design relieves pressure off the prostate, sacrum and crotch area
❤️ Compact – ideal for small spaces and stores under desk very easily

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A uniquely versatile seating solution designed to redefine your comfort and transform your workspace. This innovative chair seamlessly transitions from your desk to a sit-stand position or even a workbench, offering unparalleled flexibility.

Key Benefits:

  1. Revolutionize Your Posture and Core Stability:
    • The Ergo Saddle Chair challenges conventional seating, providing a unique way to address your posture and enhance core stability.
  2. Adjustable Seat Tilt for Personalized Comfort:
    • Easily reposition your pelvic angle with the simple seat tilt adjustment, transforming the curve of your lower back and lumbar spine. This adaptability enhances comfort and alleviates lower back strain during extended periods of sitting.
  3. Ideal for Various Professions:
    • Move effortlessly on most surfaces, making it ideal for healthcare practitioners, tattoo artists, jewelry designers, and anyone working at a workbench.


  • Available Color: Black.
  • Seat Material: High-density foam upholstered with soft, durable black PU.
  • Tilting Function: Enhances flexibility and comfort.
  • Gas Lift and Height Range: Chrome gas lift with a height range of 59cm – 78cm.
  • Base: Chrome base for stability.
  • Wheels: PU wheels for smooth mobility.
  • Weight Limit: Sturdy construction with a weight limit of 125kg.


Rest assured with a 2-year guarantee, reflecting our commitment to the Ergo Saddle Chair’s durability and performance.

Transform your seating experience—choose the Ergo Saddle Chair for a dynamic and comfortable approach to work.

6 reviews for Ergo Saddle Chair with Seat Tilt

  1. Winni Jakins

    if you suffer from any form of backache or sit for long periods of time, there is nothing to beat this chair. I have had mine for me than a year and absolutely love it.

  2. Byrone

    Using my chair for a while now and my back pain is gone. Awesome product.

  3. Norah Green

    The saddle chair has been a great alternative seating solution for shorter periods during my day. I find the seat tilt especially handy.

  4. Howard Starke

    Perfect seat for me. I love adjusting the seat tilt to suite my lower back stiffness which has relieved my discomfort. Never thought i would be this comfortable on a saddle 🙂

  5. Susan Sher

    I LOVE THIS CHAIR!! Its works perfectly for me! It takes up a lot less space than my regular chair and it makes me get up and move around more often. Love IT! As a side note, doesn’t work with a short skirt 🙂

  6. Craig

    The tilt and height adjustment makes this chair very versatile – I’m really enjoying it

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