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The saddle chair will transform the way you view chairs. It is a versatile chair that can be used at your desk, in a sit-stand position, or even at a workbench. Using a saddle chair is a great way to address your posture and core stability. The tilting seat allows for adjusting and repositioning of your pelvis, which in turn changes the position of your lower back. 

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The Ergo Saddle chair has been a part of our product offering for a long time, and we are excited to now offer the saddle chair with a backrest option. The backrest offers additional support for users that need to spend long periods in a specific position. 

Both the seat and backrest offer adjustability to ensure that the user is as comfortable as possible for the specific task at hand. 

Doctors, physical therapists, ultrasound technicians, and other medical professionals have incorporated ergonomic saddle chairs into their exam rooms and offices for many years. Anyone who sits for long stretches can benefit from using saddle chairs.

Benefits of using a saddle chair:

Relieves back, neck, hip, and arm pain

  • The tilt and declining position of the upper legs rotates the pelvis forward and curves the lower back into an anatomically correct position. This, in turn, straightens the upper back, leading to a generally improved back posture and reduced tension in the upper back, shoulder, and neck muscles

Strengthens the spine and improves posture

  • This new sitting stance stimulates and strengthens the back, abdominal, and buttock muscles. Your posture will gradually correct itself as your muscles respond to the new posture.

Easier to get up and sit down

  • You sit higher than usual, so sitting down and getting up without using your hands is easier.

Improves mobility and reach

  • You can reach further and more safely on a saddle chair. Saddle sitting preserves your spinal curves even when you bend forward. As the saddle chair frees your legs to move, turning, moving, and reaching for things becomes quick and safe.


  • The saddle seat is made of high-density foam, upholstered with soft, durable black PU
  • The seat has a tilting function
  • The backrest offers height, angle, and tilting adjustability
  • Chrome gas lift with a height range of 59cm – 78cm
  • Chrome base
  • PU wheels
  • The saddle chair base is compatible with standard pin sizes which enable the use of other wheels or gliders.
  • Colours available: Black only
  • Weight limit: 125kg
  • Guarantee: 2 years

Please note that the saddle chair comes boxed and requires some assembly which should not take longer than about 5-10 minutes.

1 review for Ergo Split Seat Saddle Chair with Seat Tilt and Backrest

  1. Donovan du Plessis

    I love this chair. I find the tilt adjustment of the seat allows me to easily change my posture, easing pressure on my lower back. As a medical consultant I use the height adjustment function and freedom of mobility on the saddle chair all the time. This is the best chair i have ever owned, excellent value for money.

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