Ergo Move Soft wheels for all surface (set of 5)



If you need new wheels for your office chair these castors are the best wheels around. Suitable for use on almost any surface, the silicone wheels are easy to install and will ensure smoother rolling and reduced marking on the floor. Spoil yourself!

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Say goodbye to scratches and dents on your floor – Ergonomicsdirect introduces the Silicone Replacement Wheels, a set of 5 heavy-duty, high-quality wheels designed to protect your carpet, slate, tiles, laminate floors, solid wooden floors, and other soft surfaces. Ensure smooth and quiet rolling while adding durability to your office chair.

Key Features:

  1. Universal Fit:
    • Designed with a universal fit, these replacement wheels feature a standard diameter stem suitable for most office chair models. The stem diameter is 7/16″ (11mm), and the stem length is 7/8″ (22mm).
  2. Floor Protection:
    • These wheels are specifically crafted to protect your flooring, preventing scratches and dents on delicate surfaces such as carpet, slate, tiles, laminate floors, and solid wooden floors.
  3. Heavy-Duty and Durable:
    • Constructed with high-quality polyurethane, these wheels are heavy-duty and durable, ensuring excellent performance over time. Say goodbye to worn-out or squeaky wheels.
  4. Smooth and Quiet Rolling:
    • Enjoy smooth and quiet rolling, enhancing the overall functionality of your office chair. Effortlessly glide across different floor types without any hindrance.
  5. Easy DIY Installation:
    • The set includes an easy DIY installation process – pull and snap. Install these wheels on most chairs with minimal effort, transforming your chair into a smoother and more efficient seating solution.


  • Product Inclusions:
    • 1 x Set of 5 Silicone Replacement Wheels with Universal Fit Standard Diameter Stem


  • Easy DIY pull and snap installation on most chairs.

Upgrade your chair with Ergonomicsdirect’s Silicone Replacement Wheels, providing a perfect blend of floor protection, durability, and smooth, quiet rolling for your ergonomic seating experience. Transform your office chair into a floor-friendly, efficient seating solution.

6 reviews for Ergo Move Soft wheels for all surface (set of 5)

  1. Rudi Boshoff

    Amazing quality, smooth and silent chair movement, and very durable. Certainly a life changer. Gone are the shitty plastic wheels I had before. These get the job done and are built to last. Don’t think twice, they are worth every cent!

  2. Dite

    These are amazing! the quietest, smoothest chair and my floor is protected. who needs a floor protector when you can these wheels
    Ordered on Friday and Ergonomics Direct delivered by Monday!

  3. Kainushkeran Moodley (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Very smooth, quiet, sturdy when compared to the original casters that came with my chair. I love the product. Ergonomicsdirect also highly recommended, quick delivery, frequent updates on status of order and delivery. Thank you very much!

  4. Jo

    I was trying to find a proper wheel for my chair to use on my laminating floors and this one, is one of a kind. I am very impress with this wheels.

  5. Harry (verified owner)

    Amazing replacement wheels for my office chair.
    The wheels just glides, where my previous ones would sometimes get stuck on tiles thats not 100% aligned

  6. Bernard

    All office chairs should be sold with these wheels as the standard wheels… They are amazing on our wooden floors.

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