Set of 5 Office Chair Gliders with Standard Pin Size



Gliders reduce chair movement when getting in and out of the chair and are a good alternative to normal office chair wheels. The standard pin size ensures compatibility with most office chairs.

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Ergonomicsdirect’s Gliders provide a reliable and stable alternative to standard office chair wheels. Ideal for users who may struggle with mobility or find it challenging to get in and out of their chairs, these gliders offer a safer seating solution. Additionally, they contribute to increased stability across smooth floor surfaces, making them suitable for various applications.

Key Features:

  1. Safer and More Stable:
    • The gliders offer increased stability on smooth floor surfaces like wood, tiles, and laminate flooring. They provide more traction compared to regular caster wheels.
  2. Ideal for Mobility Challenges:
    • Designed to enhance safety, these gliders are an excellent choice for users facing difficulties in getting in and out of their chairs.
  3. Solid Glide Construction:
    • The solid glide construction can handle more weight than regular caster wheels, making them suitable for desk chairs, workshop chairs, and similar applications.
  4. Standard Pin Size Compatibility:
    • Featuring a standard pin size, these gliders are compatible with most office chair models and brands on the market. Verify the compatibility by checking your chair base.
  5. Tool-Free Installation:
    • Each glider has a grip ring stem, allowing for an easy, tool-free installation process. Simply pull out the existing wheels and snap in the gliders.
  6. Smooth Surface for Various Floors:
    • The smooth surface of the gliders makes them versatile, suitable for use on a variety of floor surfaces. Exercise caution when using them on wooden floors, and ensure regular cleaning to prevent dirt buildup.
  7. Set of 5 Gliders:
    • Each set includes five gliders, providing a complete solution for your office chair.


  • Material:
    • Made from durable plastic, ensuring longevity and stability.
  • Glider Diameter:
    • The gliders have a diameter of 53mm, contributing to smooth movement and stability.
  • Standard Pin Size:
    • The standard pin size has a diameter of 11mm and a length of 22mm to the top of the metal ring above the wheel.


Upgrade your office chair for enhanced stability and safety with Ergonomicsdirect’s Gliders. Designed to cater to diverse needs, these gliders offer a reliable and practical solution for users seeking a safer and more stable seating experience. Please note that these gliders come with a 3-month limited guarantee.

6 reviews for Set of 5 Office Chair Gliders with Standard Pin Size

  1. Ben

    Value for money. I replaced my old office chair’s wheels , the quality of these office chair gliders is great.

  2. Anwar

    Good quality product and doing exactly as intended to stop your chair from moving around.

  3. Damion Grove

    They are perfect, so happy to find them! A small item that makes a big difference. Excellent service received and quality product supplied!!!

  4. Sbu

    Happy with this product

  5. Sue

    Very easy to just pop them on- I replaced my wheels with these and happy with the product.

  6. John Hector

    These helped to ensure my safety as I am a bit unstable on my feet- thanks for the recommendation, Wendy!

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