Universal Chair Gas Lift



What our customers love about this product
❤️ Restores the height adjustability of your favourite chair
❤️ Varied height cylinders allow for changes in the height range
❤️ Cost-effective method to refurbish chairs
❤️ Improving seat height adjustability will allow for improved ergonomics


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Is your chair in need of a reliable gas lift replacement? Ergonomicsdirect presents a range of universal gas lifts compatible with most office and computer chairs, saddle chairs, and bar stools. Ensure a smooth and quiet height adjustment, transforming your chair for enhanced comfort and functionality.

Key Features:

  1. Universal Compatibility:
    • Compatible with most office and computer chairs, saddle chairs, and bar stools. Ensure compatibility by measuring your current gas lift and selecting the appropriate replacement.
  2. Smooth Height Adjustment:
    • Guarantee a smooth and quiet height adjustment for your chair, providing flexibility in setting your preferred seating height.
  3. Heavy-Duty Construction:
    • Constructed for durability and strength, these gas lifts are heavy-duty and rated up to 150kg, ensuring reliability and longevity.
  4. 360⁰ Rotation:
    • Enjoy full rotational flexibility with 360⁰ rotation, allowing you to easily move and adjust your chair as needed.
  5. Variety of Lengths:
    • Choose from various lengths to match your specific chair requirements. Available options include XQD100 (100mm extension), XQD140 (140mm extension), XQD200 (200mm extension), and XQD260 (260mm extension).
  6. Chrome Finish:
    • Featuring a sleek chrome finish, these gas lifts not only provide functionality but also add a touch of modern aesthetics to your chair.
  7. Ease of Installation:
    • While removing old gas lifts may pose a challenge, Ergonomicsdirect recommends using a rubber mallet hammer or a normal hammer for removal. An adjustable, locking wrench/vice grip is the ideal tool for removing the gas lift from the mechanism below the chair’s seat. Q20 lubrication can aid in the removal process.


  • XQD100:
    • Overall Height (Compressed): 265mm
    • Extension: 100mm
  • XQD140:
    • Overall Height (Compressed): 300mm
    • Extension: 140mm
  • XQD200:
    • Overall Height (Compressed): About 360mm
    • Maximum Extension: About 200mm
  • XQD260:
    • Overall Height (Compressed): 455mm
    • Extension: 260mm

Gas Lift Replacement Services: For added convenience, Ergonomicsdirect offers gas lift replacement services in-store at a cost of R350.00 per replacement.

Safety Note:

  • Ensure the removal of the red safety cap before installation.


  • 1-year limited warranty

Upgrade and revitalize your chair with Ergonomicsdirect’s Universal Gas Lifts, providing a seamless blend of functionality and durability for your ergonomic seating needs.

5 reviews for Universal Chair Gas Lift

  1. Martha

    I bought the XQD260 two weeks ago when my last gas lift decided to neglect my needs. The quality feels great compared to other gas lifts I’ve seen on the market recently for this price. I bought it online and received it within 2 days. So far, this seems to be the one.

  2. Jake

    My previous gas lift was faulty and I decided to buy a new one. It feels like i am sitting on a new chair.

  3. Sarah

    Gave my old chair a second chance at “life” – Here I thought I had to get a whole new chair turns out the gas lift can just be replaced.

  4. Markquan

    Thank you Ergonomicsdirect for saving me some money. I had no idea that the gas lift needed to be replaced.

  5. Leighshe

    With this I now don’t have to throw away my favorite chair – LIFE SAVERRR

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