Some studies have shown that 81% of office employees spend between 4 and 9 hours a day sitting behind their desks. This equates to about 67 sedentary days per worker annually.

We are aware that developers and individuals in the creative space in most digital agencies have 45-hour weeks like most of us, however, there are times when deadlines require a certain few to extend their time at their workstation. Some employees sometimes find themselves working up to 12-hours sitting behind the desk. Although the monetary compensation for the extra work done can be rewarding, the additional time spent sitting behind your desk can cause strain which may lead to various muscular-skeletal discomforts in the neck, back, shoulder and other regions.

Here are 3 product recommendations that we've seen work well within a digital/creative agency to help reduce these discomforts.

  1. Flexispot F7DB Dual Screen Height Adjustable Monitor Arm Mount – As many developers/creatives use two or more screens to increase productivity, this monitor arm is ideal to position the screens correctly to reduce neck and eye discomfort and strain. The height, distance, and angle of the monitors can all be adjusted using this monitor arm.
  2. Ergo Office Chair with/without headrest – Since you’re spending substantial amounts of time behind your desk, the chair you’re seated on is quite important. Working for long hours on a chair that doesn’t offer you the correct lumbar support and adjustability your body needs can strain your back and neck over time. Our ergonomic office chairs are adjustable and have quality lumbar support while offering comfort at an affordable price.
  3. Ergo Office Compact Sit-to-Stand Height Adjustable Workstation– Are you already experiencing a nagging discomfort in your back region? Maybe it’s a sign that you need to re-optimise your workstation. The Ergo Office Compact Sit-to-Stand Height Adjustable Workstation has enough space for you to place both screens on top of the work surface (depending on the size of your screens). It offers a hole where you can install a monitor arm if desired. It is proven that alternating between sitting and standing can relieve pressure off your back which can reduce discomfort – one of the many benefits that come with investing in a standing desk.

If your current profession requires you to work long hours behind your desk and you’re looking to optimise your working environment in order to work more comfortably and maximise your productivity, then invest in ergonomics. If you would like to view our other product options, visit If you would like to know more about what we can do to optimise your current workstation, contact us at / 021 426 2378.

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