Written by Austin Harichuran, (COEE) & Head of Digital and Marketing at Ergonomicsdirect

Ergonomic furniture and accessories have taken our local market by storm. Office trends aren’t really “trends” anymore without ergonomics being featured in the conversation. Over the years, the focus of ergonomics has been mostly on everyday office workers. However, what we’ve discovered was that the need for ergonomic products across certain industries was much bigger than we had realised. Many different audiences and markets need our ergonomic products, and boy are we excited to discover them.

We’ve found perfect homes for some of our products, in the most unexpected working environments. Many individuals who work in an office environment may need assistance identifying and understanding where their pain and fatigue comes from. For some other industries, identifying the cause is a little easier.

Tattoo artists are creative, skilled, and a lot of the time, busy individuals. Many have clients who book 10–12-hour tattoo sessions, at a time. Without a proper seating solution that provides support for their forever-bending backs, imagine how many of them feel after these long sessions? Imagine how some of their backs feel after years of designing canvas on clients’ bodies? 

As expected, the common answer to “Do you frequently experience back pain/strain due to working conditions?” was of course, yes. We presented a few tattoo studios with a few of our ergonomic products to see if we could reduce strain, and the feedback was remarkable.

Below is some of the feedback we had received from tattoo artists on using our products:

  • “The Saddle Chair is perfect for tattoo artists. It’s so comfortable, that it feels like sitting on a soft bum. I love how I can just lower the height and slide the saddle chair under my desk or even under the tattoo bed when I’m done for the day.” 
  • “The Height-Adjustable Mobile Desk is a great table to place my ink and accessories while I tattoo. At night I use it when I’m in the mood to stand and conjure new designs.”
  • “I attach my phone to the Ergo Flex Device Holder, hook it up to the tattoo bed, and start shooting while I tat’ my clients. I don’t have anyone to take content for me, so this product is cool for getting shots at a cool angle.”
  • “The LED light is great. When you working on a small tattoo, you can just focus the light on the area being tattooed instead of bringing the studio lights out. It’s also small and doesn’t take up much space.”

Some of our products at Blake Ink Tattoo Studio

Blake Ink Studio: Instragram Handle: @blakeinktattoos

Ergonomics in the tattoo industry should strike a balance between keeping the artist healthy and providing efficient artwork. It means preventing musculoskeletal problems by enabling the artist to adopt a more natural and comfortable posture. Thereby achieving client-friendly work, improving efficiency, and achieving accuracy.

We hope to one day offer our ergonomic solutions to all tattoo Studios and reach more industrial industries – saving one strained back at a time.

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