Ergo Height Adjustable Footrest with Leg Rest



What customers love about this product:

❤️ Allows users to lift, straighten and stretch their legs

❤️ A unique product with a 2-in-1 function

❤️ Versatile for different postures

❤️ 3 height settings on the footrest section

❤️ Improves seated posture

❤️ Enables better use of your chair

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Enhance your seated experience with the Ergonomicsdirect Height-Adjustable Footrest featuring a unique leg support for a two-in-one ergonomic solution. This specialized footrest is thoughtfully designed to provide comprehensive support, making a significant difference in the impact your feet have on your legs, back, and overall posture.

Key Features:

  1. Dynamic Footrest with Leg Support:
    • This footrest combines a standard footplate with an additional padded leg support, offering versatile functionality in one product.
  2. Promotes Active Sitting:
    • The active nature of the footrest allows the footplate to tilt and adjust to the user’s desired angle, promoting dynamic and comfortable sitting.
  3. Adjustable Movement and Tilting Resistance:
    • Users can customize the movement and tilting resistance of the footplate by adjusting the tightness of screws, providing a personalized and adaptable experience.
  4. Non-Slip Design:
    • Equipped with non-slip feet, this footrest ensures stability, especially on carpeted surfaces.
  5. Grooved Footplate Surface:
    • The footplate surface is grooved and ridged, enhancing grip and preventing slipping for a secure footing.
  6. Three Height Settings:
    • The footrest offers three height settings (9cm, 12cm, and 16.5cm when parallel to the floor), catering to various preferences and seating arrangements.
  7. Padded, Removable Leg Rest:
    • The footrest includes a padded leg rest that can be easily removed, adding versatility to your seated posture.
  8. Sturdy Yet Lightweight:
    • Constructed with durability in mind, the footrest is sturdy while remaining lightweight for easy handling.


  • Footrest Board Dimensions: 41cm wide, 25cm deep in the center, and 28cm deep on the sides.
  • Leg Rest Height from the Floor: 36cm.


  • The leg rest is not height adjustable but can be removed.
  • The leg rest section ships unassembled and requires simple assembly by slotting it into the footrest frame.

Discover a new level of comfort and support with the Ergonomicsdirect Height-Adjustable Footrest with Leg Support. Elevate your ergonomic workspace by incorporating this versatile solution.

8 reviews for Ergo Height Adjustable Footrest with Leg Rest

  1. Joanne

    I like this foot rest. It has three slots to change the height of your feet as well as the high cushioned frame to stretch out my legs. It makes sitting at my work desk much more comfortable.

  2. Anonymous

    Absolutely love this product…now I have a footrest and leg rest in one product.

  3. Ryno

    Nice item to have. Good quality.

  4. Wafeeq

    Great product, since I spend most of my time in office and sitting I use this product everyday.

  5. Philippa

    Great quality product would recommend to those looking for better support in their office set-up. Worth the money spent!!

  6. Jolene

    Easy assembly and height adjustment

  7. Roegshaanah

    Super fast delivery. Came just in time for my mom’s birthday, which is today. She’s super excited and enjoying her prezzie. My mom is diabetic so hopefully this product improves her blood flow and increase her energy level. ❤️

  8. Eve Smithfield

    I loved my previous footrest but this new one with the added function of being able to rest my legs and feet up at work is amazing. Super comfortable, nice to change position while sitting.

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