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The Ergo Height Adjustable Footrest is a dynamic footrest that allows the rocking of the user’s feet. It offers 3 height settings and is the most versatile footrest in the Ergonomicsdirect range with the highest setting of around 16.5cm, one of the highest in the industry.

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The Ergo height adjustable footrest is unique due to the above-average height settings that can be achieved.

A footrest is a critical tool (especially for shorter people) when optimising your seated position at your desk. Using a footrest increases comfort and decreases fatigue by redistributing body weight through your feet and legs. A footrest can assist with pushing the user back into the chair’s backrest, ensuring better lower back support and better utilisation of the features of the chair.

The angle is easily adjusted with your feet when in a seated position, which provides improved comfort for users with different needs. The footrest is dynamic and moves/tilts as you move your feet and legs, promoting active sitting and assisting with better blood circulation. The resistance to the tilting movement can also be adjusted.


  • Adjustable to a height of 16,5cm
  • Tilts/adjust to the user’s needs
  • Adjustable tilting resistance on the footplate movement
  • Lightweight
  • Non-slip (best if used on a carpeted surface)
  • The support surface for your feet is serrated for better grip
  • Easy assembly and height adjustment

Dimensions of the footrest:

The footrest board is:

  •  41cm wide
  •  24cm deep in the center and
  •  29cm deep on the sides

1 review for Ergo Height Adjustable Footrest

  1. Janice

    This footrest has changed my life!! For the first time ever, while working at my desk, my feet are resting on a surface with my chair at the right height for my desk. My legs are not tucked under me or handing in the air, I am so much more comfortable! The footrest has 3 adjustment setting so i was able to set it up at the best height for me. I really enjoy using the free swinging movement of the footrest which allows me to move my feet/ankles up and down while sitting. I think this footrest will benefit everyone but if you are a slightly shorter person or have short legs then this is a total game changer and a must have. I highly recommend this specific footrest for its adjustability.

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