Ergo Height Adjustable Footrest



What our customers love about this product:

❤️ 3 levels of height settings
❤️ Swivel foot piece allows foot and ankle movement
❤️ Swivel movement and improved leg position promotes blood circulation
❤️ Non-skid foot plate that secures foot position
❤️ Durable
❤️ Easily adjustable
❤️ Immediately improves seating comfort and seating positioning on your chair
❤️ Allows you to optimise your chair height to your desk height

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Achieve optimal comfort and maintain correct seated posture with the Ergo Height Adjustable Footrest. This dynamic footrest is designed to provide users with versatile height options, ensuring that their feet are correctly positioned when seated at a desk or workstation. With three adjustable height settings, including one of the highest footrest heights in the market at approximately 14cm when horizontal, this footrest adapts to individual needs, promoting improved blood circulation and reducing fatigue.

Key Features:

  1. Versatile Height Adjustability:
    • The footrest offers three adjustable heights (8cm, 11cm, and 14cm when horizontal), catering to various user preferences and chair configurations.
  2. Dynamic Tilting Movement:
    • The footrest features a swivel action, allowing varied foot positioning and movement. The dynamic tilting movement promotes active sitting and enhances overall comfort.
  3. Tilting Resistance Adjustment:
    • Users can easily customize the tilting resistance on the footplate movement, providing a tailored and comfortable experience based on individual preferences.
  4. Non-Slip and Lightweight Design:
    • The footrest is equipped with a non-slip surface for secure foot placement and is lightweight for easy maneuverability.
  5. Serrated Support Surface:
    • The support surface for your feet is serrated, offering enhanced grip and stability during use.
  6. Easy Assembly and Height Adjustment:
    • The footrest is easy to assemble and adjust in height, ensuring a hassle-free setup.


  • Footrest Board: 41cm wide, 24cm deep in the center, and 29cm deep on the sides.


  • The Ergo Height Adjustable Footrest comes with a 1-year guarantee, reflecting its quality and durability.

Prioritize your comfort and well-being with the Ergo Height Adjustable Footrest, a valuable addition to your ergonomic workspace.

11 reviews for Ergo Height Adjustable Footrest

  1. Janice

    This footrest has changed my life!! For the first time ever, while working at my desk, my feet are resting on a surface with my chair at the right height for my desk. My legs are not tucked under me or handing in the air, I am so much more comfortable! The footrest has 3 adjustment setting so i was able to set it up at the best height for me. I really enjoy using the free swinging movement of the footrest which allows me to move my feet/ankles up and down while sitting. I think this footrest will benefit everyone but if you are a slightly shorter person or have short legs then this is a total game changer and a must have. I highly recommend this specific footrest for its adjustability.

  2. Rebecca

    I’m still adapting to my new footrest. I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks now and I can feel the difference. I used to just rest my feet on the base of my chair. I haven’t had pins and needles since using it though, which I experienced a lot before when I’d stand up after sitting and working for long hours – but I do feel more comfortable while working. 🙂

  3. Janice

    The footrest has made a massive difference to my ability to sit back into my chair. My back is much better supported now – almost like the footrest has upgraded my chair!

  4. Zubair

    great product!

  5. May

    This was a great addition to my work setup – it instantly changed the way I was sitting

  6. Nancy

    Love this footrest really assist and it pushes me back into the chair.

  7. Demi

    I used to rest my feet on a stack of old books. This was exactly what I needed!

  8. Joe

    Sturdy and comfortable.

  9. Nomisomi Thombesi

    The best and most useful product i have purchased in ages. My feet no longer dangle unsupported. Easy to use and very effective in making me much more comfortable at my desk. I wish i had bought this footrest years ago!!!

  10. Stefanie

    It is amazing what difference the footrest has made to my comfort in my chair. I should have bought it a long time ago.

  11. Bianca

    The 3 different height settings make it easy to use by various members of the family. Good product.

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