Ergo Anywhere Mobile Standing Desk with Tabletop Tilt



What our customers love about this desk
❤️ Ideal for smaller working spaces
❤️ Desk mobility allows one to work from any space at home or within the office environment
❤️ Mobile desks make group work sessions efficient and effective
❤️ Can be a writing, reading and computer surface
❤️ Tilting the tabletop improves the viewing angle
❤️ Works well for students, consultants, and medical professionals

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A versatile, cost-effective, and practical solution for creating a flexible learning or working environment. Ideal for classrooms, offices, or home use, this mobile desk offers the convenience of working from anywhere. With adjustable height, a tilting desktop, and mobility features, it caters to various needs and encourages a healthy balance between sitting and standing throughout the day.

Key Features:

  1. Height Adjustment:
    • Effortlessly switch between sitting and standing positions with the height-adjustable feature. Find the perfect ergonomic setup to suit your preferences.
  2. Adjustable Desktop Tilt:
    • Optimize your desktop angles for reading, writing, and drawing with the adjustable tilt feature. Create a comfortable and personalized workspace.
  3. Wheels for Mobility:
    • Easily roll the desk around on most surfaces, providing mobility and flexibility in your workspace. The lockable wheels ensure stability when needed.
  4. Lockable Wheels:
    • Secure the desk in place with the 2 lockable wheels, offering stability during use. Move the desk where you need it and keep it firmly secured when locked.
  5. Backpack Hook:
    • Conveniently store your backpack or computer bag with the built-in hook. Your belongings stay with you wherever you roll the desk.
  6. Safety Stopper Ledge:
    • Prevent your devices and documents from slipping off the desktop with the safety stopper ledge, ensuring a secure and organized workspace.

Technical Specifications:

  • Height Adjustment with Gas Spring Mechanism
  • Height Range: 745mm – 1145mm
  • Tabletop Size: 600mm x 520mm
  • Tilting Range: 0 – 18⁰
  • Load Capacity: 7kg
  • Hook Load Capacity: 5kg
  • Warranty: 2 Years

Versatile Applications:

This multifunctional desk is suitable for reading, writing, drawing, or working on laptops and mobile devices. Whether used in educational institutions, medical facilities, manufacturing setups, hospitality environments, or homes, the Mobile Standing Desk offers adaptability and convenience.

Encourage Movement, Enhance Productivity:

Promote a healthier work routine by effortlessly alternating between sitting and standing positions. The Mobile Standing Desk is designed to accommodate various tasks, providing you with a dynamic and comfortable workspace. With a 2-year warranty, this desk is a reliable addition to any environment. Experience the benefits of enhanced mobility and ergonomic design with the Mobile Standing Desk.

8 reviews for Ergo Anywhere Mobile Standing Desk with Tabletop Tilt

  1. Reece

    Easy to assemble. It moves around easily. It has lockable wheels. The table top is adjustable and it is nice for reading and writing. The desk is ideal for office and home use.

  2. Janine Peterson

    Cute little workstation. I bought it for me but found that it’s actually perfect for homework time for my kids. The next one will be mine! Highly recommend

  3. Dean

    Good product and it was delivered very fast

  4. Robin

    Love the mobile desk, value for money!

  5. Britney

    Easy to move around! Love the lockable wheels, so it does not move around while I’m working or writing on it.

  6. Amy – Leigh

    Literally move this desk with me wherever I go in the house, even use it to eat my food while watching tv in the lounge (sometimes)

  7. Carry

    Nice work station. Easy to move in different areas.

  8. Jon

    Amazing desk for my kids to do homework- you can move it anywhere and it can be used as a standing desk too.

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