Steel Kick Step Stool Stepper



What our customers love about this product
❤️ Allows you to easily reach those “just out of reach” items or shelves
❤️ Ideal, easy-to-move step for retail and home use
❤️ Spring-mounted wheels allow easy hands-free movement – just kick to move
❤️ Very stable to step up onto – wheels retract to create a stable base
❤️ 2-step height options
❤️ Can be used as a stool for sitting
❤️ The steel ensures quality product finish

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The Kick Step Stool is a practical and versatile solution designed to help you effortlessly reach those hard-to-access places. Equipped with convenient wheels, this step stool glides smoothly along hard floors and commercial carpets, ensuring mobility and accessibility in various environments. Whether in shops, storerooms, offices, or at home, the Kick Step Stool provides a reliable boost for your everyday tasks.

Key Features:

  1. Mobile Convenience:
    • Equipped with three weighted castors for easy mobility.
    • Rolls effortlessly on hard floors and most commercial carpets.
  2. Retractable Castors:
    • Castors automatically retract when weight is applied, providing stability and safety during use.
    • Solid rubber strip on the bottom contact surface ensures a secure grip on the floor.
  3. Dual Functionality:
    • Suitable for both standing and sitting.
    • Versatile use for a variety of tasks, accommodating different preferences.
  4. Easy Assembly:
    • Comes in two parts that lock together seamlessly during assembly.
    • Quick and hassle-free setup for immediate use.


  • Weight Capacity: 150kg
  • Height: 400mm
  • Top Diameter: 280mm
  • Base Diameter: 420mm
  • Material: Steel
  • Colour: Basalt Grey
  • Product Weight: 4.8kg

Versatile Usage: The Kick Step Stool is perfect for a range of environments, including homes, offices, warehouses, libraries, supermarkets, and retail outlets. Its sturdy construction and user-friendly design make it an essential tool for reaching new heights with ease and safety.

Experience the convenience of the Kick Step Stool – a reliable solution for your everyday tasks, ensuring accessibility and safety in any setting.

8 reviews for Steel Kick Step Stool Stepper

  1. Labeeqah

    Literally using this anywhere in the house. Even outside in the yard. Such a versatile product.

  2. Allister

    Happy with my purchase. Very handy to use and move around at home to get on the top shelves

  3. Cecil

    Value for money – great product

  4. Barbara Strandberg

    Excellent product. I bought one to use in my retail store, not sure how we even managed without it we now use it so often. Easy to move around and very stable to stand on, also works well as a stool. Great product!!

  5. Cath C

    Great product with 101 uses- this is a must-have.

  6. Candice

    Easy to install. Very handy product.

  7. Sharol

    Wish they had it in black – but other than that the product exceeded my expectations 💯

  8. Nelia

    Such a a versatile product, we use it a few times a day – both in the kitchen and in the bedrooms to reach those high cupboards. Simply love it!

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