Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of employees globally have started working from home either on a temporally or full-time basis. Many individuals unfortunately did not have a designated home workstation, so they found themselves working on the couch, dining room table, and some even in bed.

When working from home, many individuals lean towards working in a space or environment where they feel comfortable. Unfortunately, most of these comfort zones can cause more harm to you than you think with a proper workstation setup.

Will a properly set up home-office setup help you work more comfortably and productively? Absolutely! However, what if you have a home-office set-up already, but you are still not feeling comfortable working in it?

First start by designating a space for your working environment. Once you’ve found your spot, optimise the environment with some ergonomic office essentials that meet your daily working needs.

An added option to consider is allocating an area at home for a secondary “hot-desk” workstation, however we recommend having your primary workstation setup correctly first. Click here to download the ergonomic checklist for your workstation (pdf.)

 “Hot-desking” is a working arrangement where an employee has no assigned desk and instead can choose to use almost any workstation or surface during different parts of the day. That workstation usually meets most of the requirements a worker would need to work comfortably and productively. Minimal time and energy needed, easy plug-in and start working.

8- step ergonomic checklist for individuals who sit at their workstation

In today’s world, with laptops, tablets, cell phones and other portable electronic devices, remote workstations are becoming more popular. The benefits of hot-desking at home not only conveniently provides its user with a simple plug-and-start working system, but is also great for a slight change of environment and scenery.

If a secondary hot-desking workstation is possible, we’d recommend making it a standing workstation. Click here to check out our range of standing desks.

Our ergonomic products are great for setting up the ideal hot desk workstation in your home or at the office. They provide comfort and support, and enables users to work comfortably, even for long periods of time.

With a slight change in scenery and an optimised ergonomic workstation, working from home can be made easy.

Need some help? Contact us at Ergonomicsdirect if you would like assistance or advice when setting up your ideal workstation, and we’d be glad to assist you!

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Happy hot-desking, and we at Ergonomicsdirect would like to wish you a happy, productive 2022!

Yours in Ergonomics,

Austin Harichuran (Ergonomic Evaluator and Head of Digital at Ergonomicsdirect)

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