Advantage360 Professional Keyboard with ZMK Bluetooth



The all-new Advantage360 Professional features the same great ergonomics as the base model, but without all the cables. Connect wirelessly with up to 5 Bluetooth devices, and ditch the link cable for even more freedom of movement. The Pro uses the open-source ZMK firmware for vast customization options for power-users.

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The Kinesis Advantage360 Professional is a cutting-edge ergonomic keyboard designed for optimal comfort and efficiency. Here are the key features and specifications:

Ergonomic Features:

  1. Concave Keywells:
    • Keywells are scooped into a bowl shape to reduce hand and finger extension, promoting a more relaxed typing posture.
  2. Separated Keywells:
    • The two key modules can be separated to shoulder-width, reducing painful ulnar deviation and keeping wrists straight.
  3. Tenting Mechanism:
    • Integrated tenting mechanism with three height settings (High, Medium, and Low) to reduce forearm pronation.
  4. Integrated Palm Supports:
    • Built-in palm supports reduce stressful bending of the wrists and provide a comfortable resting place for hands.
  5. Thumb Clusters:
    • Thumb clusters include frequently-used keys like Enter, Space, Backspace, and Delete, redistributing workload to stronger thumbs.
  6. Compact Footprint:
    • Smaller footprint than most keyboards, eliminating the numeric 10-key to reduce over-reach and allow for closer mouse placement.
  7. Mechanical Key Switches (Gateron Brown):
    • Utilizes Gateron Brown stem low-force tactile key switches for a comfortable and responsive typing experience.
  8. ZMK Firmware:
    • Open-source ZMK firmware for customization. Program the keyboard using the web-based configurator or text syntax.
  9. Integrated Tenting:
    • Easily switch between three tent settings (low, medium, and high) with the press of a button to reduce forearm tension.


  • Compatibility:
    • Plug-and-Play compatible with all USB operating systems: Windows 7-11, macOS, Linux, Android, Chrome.
  • Bluetooth & Rechargeable Batteries:
    • Wireless Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) with a range of ~30 feet.
    • Rechargeable 1500 mAh Lithium-Ion battery with an estimated lifespan of 3 years.
    • Battery life: Backlighting On (1-5 days) / Backlighting Off (1-3 months).
    • Multichannel Bluetooth: Switch instantly between 5 Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • Mechanical Key Switches:
    • Gateron Brown KS-9 switches with peak force of 55 grams, activation force of 45 grams, and 4.1 mm travel distance.
  • Dimensions & Weight:
    • Width: Min Separation (15.25 inches); Max Separation (Up to wireless pairing range).
    • Depth: 8 inches (front-to-back).
    • Height: Min (2.75 inches) / Max (4 inches).
    • Weight: 3 lbs 4.5 oz.
  • USB C Charging Cables:
    • Braided, 6 feet 3 inches USB C charging cables included.
  • Warranty:
    • 3-year limited warranty.
  • Package Contents:
    • Keyboard, Charging Cable (x2), Quick Start Guide, extra keycaps (including 4 Mac modifiers), keycap puller, and Bridge Connector.

The Kinesis Advantage360 Professional is designed for power users, offering advanced ergonomic features, customization options, and a high-quality typing experience.

6 reviews for Advantage360 Professional Keyboard with ZMK Bluetooth

  1. Steve

    An amazing keyboard – as good as I was hoping it would be!

  2. Karel Schwab

    Truly the best keyboard I’ve ever owned. The feel and build quality of it is fantastic. There is a steep learning curve, but after about two weeks I found myself typing faster than on a standard keyboard. I love that I can move the two modules as far apart as I need to be comfortable. I also find that the keys are exactly where I expect them to be without having to think about them. I would highly recommend this keyboard to anyone suffering from arm or shoulder pain when working on a computer for long periods of time. As an aside, the service received from ErgonomicsDirect was exceptional from ordering the keyboard to having it delivered to my home.

  3. John

    Best investment I’ve made this year!

  4. Peter Knowings

    INCREDIBLE! I upgraded from my old Kinesis keyboard and enjoying the new features, improved tech and design. Worth every cent. Ergonomicsdirect service also deserves a mention, their customer service is amazing.

  5. Austin

    Great product – I’ve been waiting for a long time for this keyboard and it hasn’t disappointed me since buying it. Working seems a lot more fun now

  6. Xoliswa Ntuli

    Best Keyboard EVER. As a programmer, this keyboard has revolutionized my work. The functionality has made me more efficient and the design has made me much more comfortable. I wish i had change to a Kinesis keyboard ages ago.

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