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Replacement cushioned Palm Pads for all Freestyle keyboard models.

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Enhance the comfort of your Freestyle keyboard with Replacement Cushioned Palm Pads. Specifically designed for all Freestyle keyboard models, these pads provide a luxurious and supportive surface for your palms, ensuring a more enjoyable and ergonomic typing experience.

Key Features:

  1. Premium Material: The Cushioned Palm Pads are crafted from approximately 1/4 inch thick closed-cell foam, offering an exceptionally soft and gel-like feel. The pads are covered with a silky lycra fabric, providing a smooth and comfortable surface for your palms.
  2. Adhesive Backing: The pads come with an adhesive backing that ensures firm adhesion to your Freestyle keyboard. The adhesive strength is robust, yet the pads can be easily removed without leaving any residue when replacements are needed.
  3. Compatibility: Designed for use with all Freestyle keyboard models, these Replacement Cushioned Palm Pads are a versatile solution to upgrade your typing comfort.
  4. Plastic Palm Supports: Please note that Plastic Palm Supports (sold separately) for the Freestyle2 (AC806-blk) and Freestyle Pro (AC906) are required for the use of these Replacement Cushioned Palm Pads. Ensure you have the necessary supports for a complete and ergonomic setup.

Transform your Freestyle keyboard into an even more ergonomic and comfortable typing tool with the Replacement Cushioned Palm Pads. Enjoy the softness and support of these pads, providing a delightful touch to your typing experience. Upgrade today for a more ergonomic and enjoyable workspace.

4 reviews for Replacement Freestyle2 Palm Pads

  1. Nadine Kaplan

    I love my Freestyle 2 keyboard and use it all day every day. So glad to be able to replace the pads which were looking and feeling worn. It is now as good as new. So glad that you guys carry accessories for this incredible keyboard.

  2. Damion Classen

    The palm pads were easy to replace and my keyboard looks as good as new again!

  3. AB

    Easy to replace and good quality. Still loving my keyboard.

  4. Stefanie

    It was easy to replace – my keyboard is as good as new

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