Flexispot F7B Single Screen Height Adjustable Monitor Arm Mount



The F7B is a quality, great value-for-money monitor arm from Flexispot. It comes standard with a clamp and grommet fitting option. Extend or retract the monitor arm, adjust the height or rotate the monitor between landscape and portrait view within seconds. The monitor arm also assists with freeing up desk space and reducing neck and eye strain.

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Transform your workspace with the Adjustable Monitor Arm, designed to promote an ergonomic and comfortable workstation setup. Effortlessly reduce strain on your neck, eyes, and back by easily adjusting your monitor’s height and position. This hovering system offers smooth and easy transitions for a healthier and more efficient work environment.


  1. Ergonomic Adjustments: Easily create an ergonomically correct workstation for a more comfortable sitting experience at your desk.

  2. Height Adjustment: Effortless monitor height adjustments for personalized positioning.

  3. Reduced Strain: Experience reduced neck, eye, and back strain, enhancing overall well-being during desk work.

  4. Versatile Installation: Durable hardware supports both clamp and grommet installation, offering flexibility in setup options.

  5. Screen Sharing and Glare Reduction: Make simple adjustments to share your screen with co-workers or reduce glare.

  6. Cable Management System: Keep your desk tidy with an integrated cable management system that organizes wires for a clutter-free workspace.

  7. Monitor Positioning Options: Extend or retract the monitor arm, and rotate the monitor to landscape or portrait mode for customized positioning.

  8. Easy Installation: Quick and straightforward installation process for efficient setup.


  • Installation Type: Desk Installation
  • Screen Size Range: 10” – 27”
  • Loading Capacity: 2 – 9kg
  • Supports VESA: 75 x 75, 100 x 100 mm
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Max Height: 414mm
  • Max Extension: 412mm
  • Grommet Desk Thickness: 25-90mm
  • Swivel: ± 90⁰
  • Rotation: ±180⁰
  • Tilt: – 85 – 15°
  • Colour: Black
  • Clamp Desk Thickness: 20 – 100 mm

Warranty: 3 years

Upgrade your workspace and prioritize comfort and efficiency with the Adjustable Monitor Arm. Experience the benefits of a more ergonomic and organized desk setup.

6 reviews for Flexispot F7B Single Screen Height Adjustable Monitor Arm Mount

  1. Liesle

    Easy to adjust. Good quality.

  2. David

    Love the product – made such a huge difference to help reduce the strain on my neck. It was easy to install and it now takes a second to adjust the height of my screen

  3. James

    So far so good. It feels like it’s good quality and was really easy to install

  4. Dieter

    Good quality arm. Works well with my 19inch monitor

  5. Natalie

    This made a huge difference to my monitor viewing height and my neck pain. It was easy to install and makes it easy to adjust my screen’s height and distance. It also helped to free up some desk space.

  6. Nicolene

    A quality product that is easy to install and even easier to use. I should have bought this long ago…

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