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The WorkEZ Stabilization Bar is an accessory to use with the WorkEZ Executive laptop stand near maximum height. It connects the 2 lower or middle leg segments and helps to reduce left-to-right lateral motion while using the laptop stand

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The WorkEZ Stabilization Bar is a valuable accessory designed to improve the stability of the WorkEZ Executive laptop stand, especially when used near its maximum height, such as for standing. This chrome bar effectively reduces left-to-right lateral motion, providing users with a more secure and stable platform. Let’s delve into its features and specifications:


  1. Optimal Stability:
    • Enhances stability when using the WorkEZ Executive laptop stand at higher heights, minimizing lateral motion for a secure workstation.
  2. Compatibility:
    • Specifically designed for use with the WorkEZ Executive laptop stand, connecting to either of the two lower leg segments.
  3. Chrome Construction:
    • Crafted from chrome, the stabilization bar ensures durability and longevity, providing reliable support.
  4. Easy Installation:
    • Simple to install and remove, the bar features padded grooves that easily slip on and off the designated leg segments.
  5. Versatile Use:
    • The stabilizing effect can be achieved using either one piece or two pieces, allowing users to customize the level of stability based on their preferences.


  • Material: Chrome construction.
  • Compatibility: Designed for the WorkEZ Executive laptop stand (fits either of the two lower leg segments).
  • Installation: Padded grooves for easy slip-on/off.
  • Versatility: Can be used with one or two pieces for varied stability levels.


  • The product includes the stabilization bar only and does not include the WorkEZ Executive laptop stand.

The WorkEZ Stabilization Bar is a valuable addition for users who prioritize stability when using their WorkEZ Executive laptop stand, especially in standing configurations. Its durable construction, compatibility, and ease of installation make it an effective solution for minimizing lateral motion and enhancing overall stability.

3 reviews for WorkEZ Stabilization Bar

  1. Conrad Baker

    I use my WorkEZ executive stand all the time and in most of its forms, as a laptop stand on my desk, as a “table” stand when on the couch and for watching movies in bed. I very often use it as a standing desk and this stabilization bar has improved really improved the stability and further enhanced this already very versatile product. Not an essential accessory but for improved stability as a standing desk unit, its great.

  2. Amber

    Literally does exactly what it says in the name – So happy with my stabilization bar.

  3. Ashley

    Good product. Just what i needed.

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