LX Dual Side-by-Side Arm



What our customers love about this product

❤️ Reputable international brand

❤️ 10-year warranty

❤️ Stylish polished aluminium look

❤️ Comes standard with a clamp and grommet mount

❤️ A weight capacity of up to 11.3kg per arm

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Elevate your work experience with the Ergotron LX Dual Stacking Arm, a fusion of durable steel and polished aluminum construction. This innovative arm allows you to create a fully adjustable side-by-side monitor configuration, lifting both LCD screens to an optimal position for enhanced visibility and a more efficient use of valuable worksurface.

Benefits and Features:

  1. Maximum Ergonomic Comfort: Position LCD screens with an unparalleled range of motion, promoting wellness in any work area. Adjust effortlessly—up, down, forward, and back—for a customized and comfortable viewing experience.
  2. Expanded Workspace: Free up your desktop and reclaim valuable workspace, allowing you to optimize your efficiency and productivity.
  3. Versatile Height Range: Enjoy a 13-inch (33 cm) height range that caters to the ergonomic needs of over nine out of ten adults, ensuring optimal screen positioning.
  4. Extended Reach: Extend LCDs out up to 25″ (64 cm) with an impressive extension range of 18″ (46 cm). Push your displays out of the way when not in use, maximizing your available space.
  5. Seamless Screen Orientation: Easily switch between landscape and portrait modes for one or both screens, eliminating the need for scrolling and providing a comprehensive view of entire pages.
  6. Efficient Cable Management: The integrated cable management feature routes cables under the arm, keeping them organized and out of the way for a clutter-free workspace.
  7. User-Friendly Operation: Simple installation and effortless operation make the LX Dual Stacking Arm easy to use, enhancing your overall workspace experience.
  8. Durable and Tested: Built to last, this arm passes Ergotron’s rigorous 10,000-cycle motion test, ensuring years of trouble-free height adjustment. The patented Constant Force™ lift-and-pivot motion technology adds to its durability.


Enjoy peace of mind with a 10-year warranty, reflecting the confidence Ergotron has in the LX Dual Stacking Arm’s longevity and performance.

Revolutionize your workspace by embracing the unmatched adjustability and durability of the Ergotron LX Dual Stacking Arm. Enhance your well-being, streamline your workflow, and make the most of your available workspace with this innovative solution.

5 reviews for LX Dual Side-by-Side Arm

  1. Isabelle

    Surprised by how stable this product is and the weight it can take, plus it’s easy to move my screens around when needed.

  2. Sharol R

    Easy to adjust/move screens around. Used mine for a while now and I don’t have any problem with it.

  3. Jamie – Lee

    Been using my monitor arm for a few months now, enjoying it and no problems at all.

  4. Gabriel

    You can feel the quality of this product. Happy with my purchase

  5. Ian

    Really great monitor arm that also looks good!

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