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❤️ Correct screen positioning reduces neck and eye strain
❤️ 2-level height adjustment
❤️ Swivels for better screen placement
❤️ 2 Storage compartments declutter’s one’s desk
❤️ Durable and easy to use

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Elevate your monitor and optimize your on-desk storage with the Multifunctional Monitor Stand. This adjustable and versatile stand not only raises your monitor to improve viewing posture but also provides additional compartments for organizing books or documents. Enhance your workspace with this effective and affordable solution.


  1. Adjustable Monitor Height: An affordable and adjustable option to raise your computer screen, promoting optimal viewing height for improved posture.
  2. Screen Angle Adjustment: Customize your screen angle to suit your preferences, reducing the risk of neck and shoulder strain.
  3. High-Impact Plastic Construction: Sturdy and durable, supporting monitors up to 30kg for a stable and reliable solution.
  4. Non-Skid Rubber Foot Rings: Ensure stability on most surfaces, preventing slipping or sliding during use.
  5. Designed for 17 Inch Monitors: Specifically crafted to support most 17-inch monitors, catering to common monitor sizes.
  6. On-Desk Storage Compartments: Maximize on-desk workspace with additional storage compartments, providing a practical solution for organizing books or documents.


  • Depth of Stand: 32cm
  • Width of Stand: 26cm
  • Height with Both Trays in Use: 13cm
  • Removable Tray Option: One tray can be removed, reducing the height to around 8cm
  • Weight Capacity: Supports up to 30kg.

Limited Warranty: 12 months

Upgrade your desk setup, improve your posture, and declutter your workspace with the Multifunctional Monitor Stand – a versatile solution designed for comfort and organization.

he Multifuctional Stand will elevate your monitor and create on-desk storage for books or documents. It is an effective monitor stand used to raise your monitor height and adjust your screen angle to improve your posture when viewing your monitor. Correct screen positioning can assist with improved body posture, increasing your comfort and reducing the risk of neck and shoulder strain.


  • An affordable, adjustable option to raise your computer screen
  • Adjustability to improve desktop monitor placement
  • Supports up to 30kg. Constructed of sturdy, high-impact plastic
  • Non-skid rubber foot rings ensure stability on most surfaces
  • Designed to support most 17 Inch monitors.
  • Offers additional storage compartments to better organise your desk, maximizing the on-desk workspace.


  • The depth of the stand is 32cm
  • The width of the stand is 26cm
  • The height with both trays being used is 13cm
  • One tray can be removed to reduce the height to around 8cm
  • Can support up to 30kg.

Limited warranty 12 months

6 reviews for Multifunctional Stand

  1. Yolandi

    Definitely a five star rating. I got this for my daughter since she is in university and I must say she loves the product.

  2. Farouza

    Amazing functionality for the cost. It does exactly what it says it does. Excellent product!

  3. Jose

    Great product!

  4. Nelia

    It’s amazing what difference this product has made to the strain in my neck. I can work easier for longer and my neck is much more relaxed. The trays are also handy to store documents.

  5. Liza

    Lifted my screen to the correct height, but also provides room for paperwork.

  6. Jay

    Nice paper work storage.

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