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Businesses are constantly seeking ways to improve the bottom line. Unfortunately, investing in and improving employee wellness and, in doing so improving employee productivity, is often ignored as a way of achieving this.

The physical workplace has become the “villain” in so many employees’ stories about their health, productivity and ability to perform at work. How often does one hear of neck pain, headaches, back pain and discomfort in the office environment? We can assist you with conquering this “villain” and making the workplace a better place for all.

It is essential to match your product requirements to the specific needs of your organisation – from a functionality, aesthetic and budget perspective. For this reason, we offer demo units of most of our products to allow you to sample the products in the environment and for the purpose it will be required for. We aim to supply you with products that match all of your requirements to ensure alignment with the purpose and continued use. 

We can assist with both face-to-face and remote workstation assessments. We will analyse your employee workstations and recommend solutions based on your specific requirements.

Our main goals with the workplace assessments are:

· To educate and empower the users to ensure continued compliance and correct use of the equipment.

· To match the user with the best equipment for their specific requirements and fit for purpose

· To ensure correct positioning of the user and equipment, based on Ergonomic setup guidelines

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Let us assist with talks at your Wellness days, or information sessions for your staff. We offer both face-to-face training and live webinar sessions.We provide fun, informative, practical ergonomic education and advice in a “real world” setting. For more information, click here.

If you would like to contact us to enquire about our demo products and discount structure for bigger/corporate orders, our ergonomic office assessments, or about our talks and information sessions, kindly get in touch by filling out your details below and selecting which of the topics on the menu you would like to enquire on.