Flexispot CMP017 Cable Management Block System for Height-Adjustable Desks



Ideal for use with height adjustable desks or standard office desks. An easy way to organise, neaten and protect your cables and wiring.


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This unique, cable management block system offers great flexibility combined with a sleek, modern look. Cables can easily slide into the slots in each individual block running along the length of the “vertebrae”. The cable spine routes the cables from the floor to the bottom of the desk. This offers an attractive and practical way to keep your vertical wiring neat and tidy. It also provides protection to the cables and reduces the possibility of damage to wiring and electrical cabling.


  • An attractive and practical way to keep your wiring neat, organised and protected.
  • The base is made of metal for added weight and stability while the spine segments are made of strong ABS plastic.
  • The spine system is designed to follow the up and down movement of height-adjustable/sit-stand desks.
  • The cable management system can also be used with regular/standard, fixed height desks.
  • The segmented design ensures easy cable access.
  • The “snap-together” interlinking blocks allow for the length adjustability of the system by manually adding or removing blocks.
  • It comes with a metal bracket at the top that can be screwed into the bottom of the desktop.


  • Maximum height: 128cm
  • The steel base plate is 12.59cm at its widest
  • Spine block width: 6.8cm
  • Colour: Black or white

7 reviews for Flexispot CMP017 Cable Management Block System for Height-Adjustable Desks

  1. William

    Goodbye cable clutter! This was an amazing investment. Excellent quality for the price. I recommend

  2. Nawaal

    Amazing product! After setting this up in my office it looked much more organized. My cables were always getting in the way or tangled up.

  3. Jonathan Stevens

    Easy to install and suddenly my desk looks much neater!

  4. Chelsea

    My office looks so much better since I got this cable management. My space looks way neater than what it looked before.

  5. Ian

    No more loose cables. Good product to have.

  6. Abraham

    Amazing product. Cables looks nice and tidy.

  7. Larissa

    It was easy to install and my desk looks much neater now. Nice product.

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