CH101 Adjustable Under Desk CPU Holder



Secure your CPU holder underneath your desk and gain easy access to the cables and ports. The CH101 CPU holder offers easy installation and can accommodate CPU boxes of varying sizes. Neaten up your office space and protect your CPU with this innovative, quality product.


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Upgrade your workspace by mounting your computer case under your desk, providing a clutter-free environment and easy access to your CPU. The Under-Desk CPU Holder is designed for space-saving, adjustable convenience, and a scratch-free experience.

Key Features:

  1. Under-Desk Installation: Free up valuable floor space and enhance the aesthetics of your workspace by securely mounting your CPU under your desk. Keep your computer out of sight for a cleaner and tidier look.
  2. Adjustable Width and Height: The CPU holder accommodates a variety of CPU sizes, with a height range of 285mm-512mm and a width range of 128-210mm. It can support a maximum weight of up to 15kg, ensuring compatibility with diverse computer cases.
  3. Rotation for Easy Access: The unit offers a 180⁰ rotation in one direction, allowing convenient access to your PC’s cables and ports. This feature simplifies maintenance tasks and cable management.
  4. Scratch-Free Design: The interior of the holder features foam padding strips on all four sides, preventing scratches and damages to your computer case. Your CPU remains protected and secure within the holder.
  5. Easy Installation: The CPU holder comes with 4 screws and a step-by-step installation manual, ensuring a straightforward and hassle-free setup process. No additional tools are required for height and width adjustments.
  6. Toolless Height and Width Adjustment: The unique design enables effortless adjustment of the holder’s height and width without the need for additional tools, enhancing user convenience.
  7. Easy Removal: The holder can be easily removed from the bracket attached to the bottom of the desk using a quick-release spring mechanism. This facilitates easy access for maintenance or reconfiguration.
  8. Increased Stability: The all-around design of the holder’s frame enhances the stability of the CPU box within the mount, providing a secure and steady placement.

Technical Specifications:

  • Mounting panel screws into the bottom of a desk or flat wooden surface with 4 supplied screws.
  • Maximum load capacity: 15kg.
  • Height adjustment: 285-512mm.
  • Width adjustment: 128-210mm.
  • 180⁰ rotation to one side.
  • Weight of the unit: 4.64kg
  • Available in Black and White colors.

What’s in the Box:

  • Mounting panel
  • Adjustable CPU holder
  • 4 x screws
  • Installation instructions

Upgrade your workspace with the Under-Desk CPU Holder, optimizing space and maintaining a sleek and organized desk setup. Enjoy the benefits of easy access, flexibility, and increased stability for your CPU. Available in Black and White to suit your aesthetic preferences.

9 reviews for CH101 Adjustable Under Desk CPU Holder

  1. Rudolph

    This was so easy to install and the adjustability ensures that my CPU box securely fits into it. The rotation makes access to the cables easier.

  2. Amber

    When I switched to using this holder, it cleared up so much space underneath my desk!! Plus, when I upgrade to a different computer box, I can still use it all thanks to the adjustability feature.

  3. Nur

    Got this for my wife as she always complained about space under her desk and knocking her foot against the computer box almost every day. Ever since she started using this not once did she complain about knocking her foot and she loves it – even her colleague ended up getting one.

  4. Shaun

    Great product, definitely what I needed. Thank you for the assistance Ergonomicsdirect!

  5. Reece

    This product has helped me decrease the clutter on the floor and free up space. Great product.

  6. AJ

    Sturdy and good quality product.

  7. Nikki

    Cleared the needed space on the floor for my feet- exactly what I needed. Thank you

  8. Cecilia W

    Good quality product- exactly what I needed.

  9. Javin

    The holder is stable, and it was easy to attach.

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