Sitting at a desk and working is something we all know about, but the modern man sits far too much. The human body was not designed to sit around all day; we have two legs and the ability to stand for a reason. Humans have become sedentary and even lazy.

Science has proven that sitting around all day is not healthy for us and more people realise that standing up is better, more comfortable even, than sitting when working. But what is the truth behind this, what do you need to know?

Here are 7 things you need to understand as to why standing at your desk is better for you than sitting at your desk.

  • Less Weight Gain

The Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research is well-known for its research into modern-day health and lifestyle matters. A recent study completed proves that standing for around 6 hours a day reduces the risk of obesity and weight gain is significantly lowered by up to 59% in men and 35% in women. This does not mean that standing is good for weight loss but if you are endeavouring to lose weight, standing can help reduce the kilos you might otherwise gain by sitting.

  • Reduced Heart Disease

Australian studies further confirmed the weight gain facts but furthermore concluded that the risk of heart disease was reduced. The study concluded “More time spent standing rather than sitting could improve your blood sugar, fats in the blood and cholesterol levels”

  • Reduced Risk of Diabetes

Diabetes is a growing concern in modern living and standing to work rather than sitting has been proven to reduce blood sugar levels. In a similar way to walking, standing rather than sitting can reduce blood sugar levels by upwards of 30% according to the American Diabetes Association. The study concluded that the risk of Type 2 Diabetes is significantly reduced if long periods of sitting are broken up by standing or walking. Breaking up periods of sitting with periods of standing also reduced blood glucose and insulin levels in women.

  • Reduced Risk of Some Cancers

The link between a sedentary lifestyle and certain cancers, especially Breast and Colon Cancer has been known for some time.  A number of international studies have confirmed that prolonged periods of sitting increases the risk of cancer. Standing up improves blood circulation and reduces the potential of internal inflammation both of which are known to reduce cancer risks.  Long periods of sitting are well known to be a significant trigger and cause of many cancers.

  • Reduced Chronic Back Pain

It sounds crazy, but chronic back pain is reduced by standing rather than sitting. Stanford University conducted a study to see if sit-stand workstations helped alleviate chronic and long-term back pain. Over a 3-month period, participants in the study who received a sit-stand workstation demonstrated significant reductions in back pain. Furthermore, it was noted that fatigue was reduced considerably.

  • Higher Energy, More Happiness, More Productivity

There are many cases where sit-stand desks and having employees standing as opposed to sitting have seen energy levels in people increase. Because people have more energy they engage better with those around them, their creativity is boosted, and happiness flows in the office space. Standing up keeps the mind more alert and functioning better. All this leads to increased productivity all around.

  • Good Workout

Finally, one of the biggest benefits you need to understand about standing as opposed to sitting is that standing is a superb, low-impact workout that everybody needs. Whether you are looking to get the six-pack or just stay in shape, standing rather than sitting will help you.

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