I recently challenged myself to find new, unorthodox ways of showcasing some of our Ergonomicsdirect products. One of my personal favourites has always been the Ergo Office Two Dual Motor Height-Adjustable Desk Frame. On paper, it’s quite easy to identify all benefits and specifications of this product, but a common question we’re asked is “Can it really carry 120kgs?” as claimed. So we decided, let’s put it to the test!

No surprise at all, our Ergo Office Two Frame effortlessly carried the 120kg weight of our tabletop and our pet food.

Here are a few additional features of our Ergo Office Two Frame that you can look forward to:

  • Dual motor technology.
  • Control panel with up and down buttons and 3 programmable memory settings.
  • LED display that indicates the current desk height.
  • Alert button: The control panel has an alert button to remind users to change their position. The timer on the alert button can be set to the required timeframe, for example, 45 minutes.
  • Anti-collision protection software.
  • Low standby power consumption.
  • A 3-stage column design allows the desk to adjust to 625mm which is lower than a standard desk height of around 720mm.
  • Square column design.
  • Quick installation: The foldable, pre-assembled legs ensure easy assembly and installation.
  • The frame width can be adjusted/configured to use your own top of varying sizes.

Customise your Ergo Office Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Frames

All pet food used to make this content was donated to a local NPO: Cheryl Lyn’s Rescue Organisation

Written by Austin Harichuran – Head of Digital and Marketing at Ergonomicsdirect.

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