A lesson that COVID-19 has taught us is the importance of essential services and its staff. It is important for us to acknowledge the efforts made by essential services workers, even after this pandemic is behind us. They deserve so much respect and appreciation for assisting our country through this tough time, as our lives would be even more challenging if these services and resources weren’t available to us at present. From the Ergonomicsdirect team, we’d like to start by saying thank you to all currently working in essential services.

A great way to show appreciation to them and everyone else who is working during this time is by investing in their wellbeing. Ergonomics can offer many positive benefits in the wellbeing, productivity, and comfort of staff working in Essential Services, as well as for those working at home. Something as simple as investing in anti-fatigue mats for those who are required to stand for most of the day can have a significant impact on their comfort and performance. Monitor arms, step-stools, and operators chairs are just a few other products that would be beneficial in some working environments during this time.

Investing in ergonomics can also show staff that they are valued and that you care about their overall health. The value of ergonomic intervention is becoming more and more evident in retail, office, industrial, and other working environments. It enables individuals to work more productively while providing their body with the support it needs.

On the topic of wellbeing, another lesson COVID-19 has taught us is the importance of maintaining good health. COVID-19 has not only shown us that good hygiene is important, but it has also made us more aware of our productivity when we’re unable to work at the office. We believe that once this pandemic has passed, the working environment as we know it (or used to know it) will be transformed. There will be more individuals that will continue to work from home, either full day or portions of the day. Companies will identify departments that can work remotely, and more flexible hours will be put in place to reduce both travel time and the need for desk space in the office. Whether you’ll be working remotely or at the office, better ergonomics will equip you to work more comfortably and productively.

Individuals in essential services are operational at present to cater for our needs. Investing in ergonomics for their working environments is a good way of showing gratitude for their effort while also improving their ability to be comfortable during long hours of work.

At Ergonomicsdirect, we can assist with products for various working environments. If you are interested in optimizing your current workplace or workstation and investing in ergonomics, contact us at info@ergodirect.co.za.

From everyone at the Ergonomicsdirect team – stay at home and stay safe!

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