Are you required to spend more time working from home as a result of COVID-19? Although working from home can be safer, it can also be difficult if you don’t have a proper working setup in place. Your working environment can have a major impact on your productivity and it will be worthwhile investing in your comfort and productivity while working from home.

Due to the series of unfortunate Corona Virus events, we have created a category that contains products that can assist you in working more comfortably and effectively at home. 

Here at 6 products that we have recommended for home-office use.

Standing desks (On-desk or freestanding) – Working on a standing desk at home can reduce fatigue and strains while increasing productivity as well as promoting physical activity. Alternating between sitting and standing while working has many health benefits such as burning of calories while standing and improving blood circulation throughout your body. A freestanding sit-stand desk would be an ideal option if you don’t already have a home working desk (and you have the required space).

Laptop stands – Investing in a laptop stand (if you’re working at home on a laptop) is an inexpensive way to better your posture. Having your laptop elevated to the correct height can significantly reduce neck strain and improve your sitting and standing posture. Just remember to always use an external keyboard and mouse with your laptop stand!

Footrest – If you would like to change your seating experience, a height-adjustable footrest can assist you in positioning yourself better on your chair. By pushing yourself back against the backrest of your chair, a footrest can help you utilise the complete lumbar support that your chair/backrest offers. This will also have a positive impact on your seated posture and comfort.

Ergonomic chair – An Ergonomic chair is an essential piece of office and home equipment.  If you find yourself spending most of your time seated while working from home, it is important for you to have sufficient, adjustable lumbar support that will support your body’s specific needs. A chair that does not offer you correct lumbar support can contribute to an unproductive working day and can leave you with fatigue and discomfort while also negatively affecting your posture.

Adjustable mobile “gadgets” – As this is a digital age, many people find it more convenient working off mobile digital devices such as phones and tablets. Some people spend up to 8 hours a day or more on these devices. This isn’t only working professionals, but also kids in school and young adults at varsity. When using these devices for long periods, many users experience discomfort, especially in their neck region. Investing in a height-adjustable mobile holder can substantially improve your posture and comfort.

On a side note, we encourage everyone to exercise good hygiene when working at home or at the office. While these product recommendations will improve your productivity and enable you to be more comfortable while you work, it is up to us to help prevent the spread of the virus. Use hand-sanitisers with the correct alcohol content, wash your hands frequently, avoid touching your face and stay clear from areas with large groups of people.

Be Ergonomics & Be safe.

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