1. Create a dedicated workspace and keep it organised

Create a mini-office where you can focus on work. It doesn’t have to be a large area, but a dedicated workspace helps create familiarity and discipline in your day. Once you have created a spot for work, don’t let the mess of everyday life take over. A clear desk equals a clear head.

  1. Make time for yourself before your work start time

Set aside the time you’d normally spend commuting on self-development. Exercise is good for mental health and for maintaining a positive attitude. You could also spend time focusing on a hobby or expanding your knowledge in your field of work.

  1. Dress comfortably – but no pyjamas!

When in the comfort of your home, don’t give in to the temptation of rolling out of bed and working in your pyjamas. Don’t give your brain the wrong signals. Although working from home is convenient, try not to change your daily work routine. Set boundaries to ensure a work-life balance is maintained.

  1. Take regular short breaks – MOVE

Being super productive for a long period is difficult, so make sure you take short, regular breaks to re-energize. Movement is life, and the more you move and vary your workplace positions, the better off you will be. Try and do some movement or change of position every 20 minutes.

  1. Communicate

Even when in a normal office, effective team communication is not always easy to achieve. When you maintain a distance from others for a long time, it’s especially important to find a way to touch base with colleagues. Online platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Skype are handy for maintaining a line of communication. Using video calls and not only talking over the phone makes it more personal and allows employees to interact better and feel part of the team – especially for those living alone.

  1. Be grateful

It is important in these tough and uncertain times to find something to be grateful for every day – your health, your family, technology to be able to communicate with your loved ones. There is always something to be grateful for! Stay Home, Stay Safe, and let’s flatten this curve.

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