Ergo Office One Standing Desk Frame with Top Combo



The Ergo Office One Standing Desk Frame is a single motor, freestanding height adjustable desk frame. Enjoy the flexibility to alternate between sitting and standing with the simple press of a button. 

Please note this combo deals includes x1 Ergo Office One Standing Desk Frame & x1 Melamine Top.


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Discover the benefits of a healthier work environment with the Ergo Office One Height-Adjustable Desk Frame. This versatile and stylish desk frame is designed to seamlessly transition between sitting and standing positions, promoting well-being, comfort, and productivity.

Key Features:

  1. Effortless Alternation:
    • The Ergo Office One enables users to effortlessly switch between sitting and standing postures. This adaptability positively impacts health, comfort, and overall work efficiency.
  2. Ease of Adjustability:
    • The desk frame is engineered for easy and smooth adjustability, allowing users to go from sitting to standing in less than 10 seconds. The quick and quiet adjustment enhances user experience.
  3. Control Panel:
    • The two-button control panel simplifies the height adjustment process, providing a user-friendly interface for a seamless transition.
  4. Open Design without Crossbar:
    • The open design of the frame eliminates the need for a crossbar at the bottom, ensuring optimal leg space. This clean and universal aesthetic easily integrates into any office or home workspace.


  • Frame Colour: Black or White
  • Frame Width: 800mm – 1200mm
  • Top Size: 1400mm x 800mm x 22mm
  • Max. Load Capacity: 70kg
  • Max. Speed: 20mm/s
  • Noise Level: Less than 50 Decibels
  • Height Range: 730mm – 1210mm


  • Single Motor Technology:
    • The powerful yet smooth height adjustment is facilitated by single motor technology, providing reliability and precision.
  • Two-Button Control Panel:
    • A simple and intuitive control panel ensures ease of use, allowing users to adjust the desk height with minimal effort.
  • 2-Stage Column Design:
    • The 2-stage column design contributes to smooth and precise electric motor lifting, enhancing the overall stability of the desk.
  • Protection Software:
    • Automatic failure detection and protection software enhance the safety and durability of the desk frame.
  • Constant Speed:
    • The desk maintains a constant speed even when loaded, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.
  • Accurate Height Adjustment:
    • Achieve precise height adjustments within 2mm, catering to individual preferences.

What’s in the Box:

1 x Ergo Office One Single Motor Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Frame 1 x 1400mm x 800mm x 22mm Melamine Top


  • 5 years warranty for the frame
  • 2 years on motor parts

Invest in your well-being and work more comfortably with the Ergo Office One Height-Adjustable Desk Frame, a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics.

8 reviews for Ergo Office One Standing Desk Frame with Top Combo

  1. Jessica

    Love my new height adjustable desk!

  2. Tyron

    Thank you Ergonomics Direct for such great service, this desk is awesome.

  3. Sally

    Good value for your money. Awesome desk.

  4. JP Vermeulen

    This desk has changed the way I work! Ample space for my 2 screens and easy to adjust between sitting and standing. It was definitely worth the money.

  5. Lauren B

    Great desk, It was easy to install and and has completely changed my workspace – I can’t believe I waited this long to start using a standing desk!

  6. Donovan Rightway

    So happy with this desk. Works perfectly and was easy to set up. Great product, great service. Thank YOU!

  7. Esmare

    Really love this desk. it was fairly easy to set up and is easy to adjust in height. There is however a slight bit of movement when using the desk standing. Definitely a recommended buy.

  8. John

    Very impressed with the quality of the desk.

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