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We offer an extensive range of products from several manufacturers at various price points. In doing so we believe we can provide you with the best product for your specific needs at a price that fits your budget. We trust that you will enjoy your shopping experience with Ergonomicsdirect.


Fighting aches and pains in the workspace since 2019.


Great standing desk!

I have been using the M2B for the past 12 months. It offers easy height adjustability and enough space for my laptop in the centre, paperwork on the one side and my coffee on the other side. The keyboard tray is wide enough to easily accommodate my keyboard and mouse. The mobile phone “groove” is a handy additional feature to the desk. The M2B is a sturdy, good value for money sit-stand desk
- Piet Nel - Owner at Ergonomicsdirect

Great laptop stand

I have been using this stand for approximately 2 years now and found to be an excellent help in reducing my neck and shoulder strain. The USB Hub is very handy, keeping everything neat and tidy, freeing up USB ports for flash drives.
- Justin

Fantastic product

We purchased a saddle chair for one of the veterinarians in our veterinary clinic. The constant stooping to examine large dogs was causing back and shoulder pain. She experienced relief within a couple of days, igniting a “chair war” among staff members wanting to use the chair. We purchased two more to restore the peace: one for theater and one for reception. All very well received!
- Yvette

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