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We offer an extensive range of products from several manufacturers at various price points. In doing so we believe we can provide you with the best product for your specific needs at a price that fits your budget. We trust that you will enjoy your shopping experience with Ergonomicsdirect.


In our digital world people are spending hours, weeks and over time, years on computers and other electronic devices. The impact of being seated, stationary or performing repetitive actions like typing is one of the leading causes for our body’s aches and pains, as well as impacting negatively on other areas of our health. 

We have used our expertise to select a diverse product range that will allow you to evolve your workspace ergonomics to suite your individual or company’s needs. Invest in yourself, invest in your wellbeing. It is possible to work smarter, healthier and be more productive!


Great quality monitor arm!

Very easy installation, and great range of movement – this has made a massive difference to my desk space. Installed 1 x 23″ and 1 x 27″ screens on this one.
- Jon

Freedom Chair

I’ve been using the Freedom chair with headrest for 2 years now- it has been the best chair I’ve ever bought! With my spondylosis in L5/S1 this chair provides optimal back support, the adjustable options, which the chair provides allows me to sit at my office desk comfortably without lower back pain or upper back pain. The adjustable arm rests allow me to support my elbows at the ideal height, relieving tension in my neck and shoulders and the seat is satisfyingly squishy and firm at the same time! The chair can be used by me (with a small frame) or my partner with a large frame which makes it user friendly. I definitely recommend this chair to anyone in need of proper ergonomic support!
- Marguerite

Great product

No stress or strain at work, thanks to F7! Easy adjustability, very sturdy and has a wide range of motion.
- Gladin

Great Chair

This chair is great! Great for my posture and easy rolling wheels makes maneuvering around my office a breeze.
- Justin

Impressive product

I liked the monitor arm and a fairly large screen was installed.
- Christia

Affordable and effective

I have been propping up my laptop with books for as long as I can remember and coincidentally came across this product whilst browsing online. It was cheap and was delivered to my door within 2 days and works perfectly! It has adjustable heights and is nice and sturdy!
- Guest

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