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The dynamic design of the NetOne’s backrest makes it a more “active” chair. It offers all of the adjustability required from an ergonomic chair and has been a trusted name in ergonomic seating for several years.  The headrest is a fixed feature on the chair.


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The NetOne® range of office chairs designed to revolutionize your seating experience. Elevate your comfort and productivity with cutting-edge features tailored to your unique needs. The NetOne® series offers not just a chair but a dynamic solution that adapts to your body, ensuring unparalleled support throughout your workday. 


Pivot Lumbar Support:

  • Unique lumbar support automatically adjusts to the user’s needs—no manual adjustments required.

3D Adjustable Armrests:

  • Grasp and lift levers to effortlessly raise or lower the armrests.
  • Move armrest cappings forwards/backwards and inwards/outwards for personalized comfort.


  • Moulded Foam Seat with a waterfall front edge for enhanced ergonomic support.

Height Adjustment Lever

  • Lift the lever while taking weight off the chair to raise the height.
  • Hold the lever up while sitting to lower the height.

Seat Slider Lever:

  • With your weight off the chair, push the lever down to move the seat to its shortest position.
  • While sitting, push the lever down and slide your bottom forward to increase depth.

Backrest Adjustment:

  • Click the lever down to lock the backrest; click it up to unlock.

Backrest Tension Adjustment:

  • Pull the windable lever out to adjust tension (applicable when the backrest is unlocked).
  • Turn clockwise to increase backrest tension; anticlockwise to decrease tension.

Headrest (High Back Only):

  • For NetOne (High Back), a headrest is included.
  • Hold the headrest with both hands and lift and lower as needed.


  • NetOne range: Seven-year guarantee on all parts.
  • GetOne range: Five-year guarantee on all parts excluding fabric.

Experience cutting-edge ergonomic design with the NetOne® range. Elevate your comfort, enhance your productivity.

4 reviews for NetOne (High Back)

  1. Natalie

    I work from home and sit for long periods- I needed a new office chair. The unique pivot lumbar support is amazing and supports my lower back perfectly all day.

  2. James

    Love my new chair!

  3. Steph Weiner

    I searched for ages and so happy to find this comfortable ergonomic chair. I, fortunately, found it after getting to test an extensive range of chairs at Ergonomicsdirect showroom. This chair suited me best and works for my body!

  4. Millie

    Not only do I love the stylish/modern look of this chair but the comfortability is amazing.

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