Ergo Anywhere Swivel Laptop Stand



What our customers love about this product
❤️ A slim, portable and lightweight laptop stand
❤️ Height-adjustable with 8 height settings
❤️ The swivel base allows laptop rotation
❤️ Can be used for laptops, tablets or books
❤️ Improves your comfort while working on your laptop


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The Ergo Anywhere Swivel laptop stand is a versatile and portable solution designed to improve your ergonomic experience while working on a laptop. With 8 angle and height adjustments, as well as a swivel base, this laptop stand ensures that you can position your laptop at the optimal viewing height and angle, reducing strain on your back, neck, and eyes.

Key Features:

  1. 8 Angle/Height Adjustments:
    • Achieve the perfect screen height and angle with eight adjustable settings, allowing you to customize the position to your preference.
  2. Swivel Base:
    • The swivel base enables on-desk rotational adjustment of the laptop, providing added flexibility to your workspace.
  3. Compact and Portable:
    • The stand’s sturdy frame is slim, lightweight, and collapsible, making it easy to carry in your bag. It’s an ideal solution for on-the-go professionals or those who frequently change work locations.
  4. Open Frame Design:
    • The open frame design promotes better airflow, ensuring that your laptop stays cool during use.

Benefits of Using the Ergo Anywhere Swivel:

  1. Reduce Strain:
    • Relieve back, neck, and eye strain by positioning your laptop at the correct height and angle.
  2. Optimal Viewing Range:
    • Bring the screen within the proper viewing range and height, enhancing overall comfort and productivity.
  3. Improved Posture:
    • The stand encourages better posture, contributing to your overall well-being while working.
  4. Swivel Functionality:
    • The swivel base allows you to rotate your laptop on the desk, adapting to different work scenarios.
  5. Compatibility:
    • Compatible with most laptops, providing a convenient and versatile solution for various devices.


  • Constructed from durable ABS plastic and features silicone pads for added stability.


  • Enjoy peace of mind with a 1-year limited warranty.

For optimal results, pair the Ergo Anywhere Swivel Laptop Stand with an external mouse and keyboard. Elevate your laptop experience and prioritize your well-being with this portable and adjustable laptop stand. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the move, work comfortably with the Ergo Anywhere Swivel Laptop Stand.

9 reviews for Ergo Anywhere Swivel Laptop Stand

  1. Bianca

    Just placed my order now for this new laptop stand, super excited to try it out.

  2. Amanda Louw

    Great laptop stand! I love the fact that is folds flat and can fit into my laptop bag. I use the swivel function more than I thought I would – makes it much easier to share my screen.

  3. Susan Rennie

    I don’t know how i managed without it. I use this stand with my BT keyboard and mouse everywhere i go, office, coffee shop, home. I am super comfortable working on my laptop now. Amazing adjustable easy to use product. 5 stars for me!!!

  4. Nashreen

    Innovative product!

  5. Leighshe

    Amazing adjustability on this product…A MUST HAVE

  6. Kyle

    Good product to have. Value for your money.

  7. Shaun Jr

    The adjustability of this product is GREAT – Also very easy to store or carry in a laptop bag for example.

  8. Precious

    I am loving this laptop stand. It offers great adjustability and is a good value for money product.

  9. Andries

    I’m really enjoying this product. I actually use the swivel function more than I initially expected. The only thing is that I wish it could lift my laptop screen slightly higher as my laptop is fairly small.

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