Ergo Office Smart Freestanding Height-Adjustable Desk



What our customers love about this desk

❤️ Compact desk designed. More than big enough for a small desk

❤️ Easily accessible good size drawer for storage

❤️ No worries – 2-year warranty on the motor and 5 years on the frame

❤️ Integrated very conveniently placed USB/USC charging ports

❤️ Super Easy to adjust the desk height up and down

❤️ 4 programmable height adjustment settings making it a 1 click action to change positions and has 4 settings making it suitable for use by more than 1 user

❤️ Installation is quick and easy – only 3 steps


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Ergo Office Smart Desk is the epitome of a modern, versatile, and user-friendly desk, offering a complete solution for both home and office environments. Whether you are looking for a compact desk with ample legroom or a standing desk with innovative features, the Ergo Smart Desk has you covered.

Key Features:

  1. Single Motor Technology:

    • The desk is equipped with a single motor that enables powerful and smooth height adjustments. Experience effortless transitions between sitting and standing positions.
  2. Compact Footprint:

    • Designed with a smaller, compact footprint, the Ergo Smart Desk is ideal for use in smaller spaces. Its versatility makes it suitable for both home and corporate offices.
  3. 12mm Wooden Top:

    • The desk features a 12mm wooden top made of Particleboard with a Melamine finish. The absence of a crossbar beneath the top provides more legroom or space for a footrest.
  4. Integrated Storage Drawer:

    • A user-friendly storage drawer is conveniently located under the tabletop, offering a space-saving solution for keeping your essentials organized.
  5. 4 Memory Height Settings:

    • The control pad comes with four pre-programmable height settings, ensuring easy adjustments for various users. This feature is particularly useful in hot-desking offices or multi-member households.
  6. Gyroscope-Based Anti-Collision System:

    • The desk is equipped with an anti-collision system based on a gyroscope, ensuring safety during height adjustments.
  7. Integrated USB Output Ports:

    • The Ergo Smart Desk goes beyond standard functionality by featuring integrated USB output ports. It includes both Micro-B and Type-C ports, with a maximum charging capacity of 45W.
  8. Quiet Operation:

    • The motor noise level is less than 50dB, ensuring a quiet and unobtrusive operation.
  9. Childproof Lock:

    • The desk includes a childproof lock activated by a combination of buttons for added safety.
  10. No Crossbar Design:

    • Unlike many standing desks, the Ergo Smart Desk features no crossbar between the desk legs, providing more legroom and flexibility in positioning.
  11. Easy Installation:

    • With only three steps and 12 screws required for fastening, the Ergo Smart Desk is easy to assemble.

Product Specifications:

  • Tabletop Dimensions: 1200mm x 600mm
  • Height Range: 720mm to 1220mm
  • Storage Drawer Size: 600mm (W) x 280mm (D)
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 50kg
  • Height Adjustment Speed: 25mm/second
  • Noise Level: <50dB
  • Stroke (Height Adjustment Range): 500mm
  • Power Rating: Maximum Electricity Usage – 150W, Standby Power Usage <0.5W

The Ergo Office Smart Desk is an all-in-one office solution packaged in one box, ready to revolutionize your workspace. With a 2-year warranty on electric components and 5 years on other parts, invest in the future of ergonomic and innovative office furniture.

9 reviews for Ergo Office Smart Freestanding Height-Adjustable Desk

  1. Stefan

    I am really enjoying this desk. The memory settings make it easy to change between sitting and standing and the USB charging ports are particularly handy. The desktop is quite small but perfect for my home office

  2. Alison

    This is really a game changer, love the fact that me and my partner both can use it and making use of the four memory settings.

  3. Natalie

    Amazing desk. Very happy with my purchase. Thanks

  4. Chelsea

    The fact that this desk moves up and down simply with a push of a button is mind blowing – looooooooove it

  5. Savanna Neetling

    LOVE IT! I am so enjoying using ALL the functions of this desk, even the sleek drawer which is so useful. The desk was super easy to set up and its easy to use. I am switching between standing and sitting with the push of a button and already feeling the benefits of not being in one position all day. I am Happy, thank you to the guys at Ergonomicsdirect, you were right, it fantastic!!!!

  6. Katie

    The desk is really easy to set up. It works well.

  7. Jenny

    This is really a SMART desk. In time I discovered that my favourite features were actually the small ad-ons the desk has to offer, like the USB hub which I use to charge my phone and the drawer. This desk definitely has encouraged me to stand more. It was weird at first, but now I feel like I can’t work on any workstation besides my desk. Best office investment to date!

  8. Samantha

    Such a great product! It was easy to install and is nice and compact – perfect for my home office. I particularly enjoy the charging ports.

  9. Liezel Weslake

    This has been my best purchase ever. Set up was easy and this desk does everything i wanted. Pre settings make alternating between sitting and standing quick and easy. The drawer is a bonus and the charging ports are so convenient. BEST BUY in my view

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