Ergo Office Two Dual Motor Height Adjustable Standing Desk Frame



What our customers love about this product:

❤️ 120kg carry limit allows for multiple or large monitors as well as allowing you to have other items on the desk
❤️ Increased height adjustment 625mm-1250mm allowing more individualised adjustability for both sitting and standing whether you are tall or short
❤️ Faster and quieter when adjusting the desk height
❤️ Increased frame size makes the desk more stable
❤️ Easy to view digital height display with 3 memory settings
❤️ Desk frame can be fitted with a wide range of desk tops


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Experience the pinnacle of ergonomic design and functionality with the Ergo Office Two standing desk frame by Ergonomicsdirect. This premium option features a dual motor system, providing enhanced height adjustment benefits for users of varying statures. From increased height adjustment range to faster transitions and customizable settings, this desk frame is designed to optimize your work experience.

Key Features:

  1. Dual Motor Technology:
    • The dual motor system ensures powerful and efficient height adjustments, allowing users to seamlessly transition between sitting and standing positions.
  2. Control Panel with Programmable Settings:
    • The intuitive control panel features up and down buttons along with three programmable memory settings. This allows users to easily customize and recall their preferred desk heights.
  3. LED Display:
    • The LED display on the control panel provides a clear indication of the current desk height, ensuring precision during adjustments.
  4. Alert Button with Timer Function:
    • The control panel includes an alert button with a timer function. This valuable feature reminds users to change their position at regular intervals, promoting better posture and reducing the risks associated with prolonged sitting.
  5. Anti-Collision Protection Software:
    • The desk frame is equipped with anti-collision protection software, enhancing safety by detecting obstacles and preventing collisions during height adjustments.
  6. Low Standby Power Consumption:
    • The Ergo Office Two is designed with low standby power consumption, contributing to energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact.
  7. 3-Stage Column Design:
    • The 3-stage column design allows the desk to adjust to a lower height of 625mm, providing optimal comfort for users with varying height preferences.
  8. Square Column Design:
    • The square column design adds a touch of modernity and ensures stability during height adjustments.
  9. Quick Installation:
    • The foldable, pre-assembled legs facilitate quick and easy assembly, making the installation process hassle-free.
  10. Adaptable Frame Width:
    • The frame width can be adjusted/configured to accommodate your preferred tabletop dimensions, offering flexibility for diverse workspace setups.


Differences between the Ergo One and Two standing desk frames:

Function Ergo Office One (single motor)Ergo Office Two (dual motor)
Weight capacity70kg120kg
Legs2-Stage column3-Stage column
Height range730-1210mm625mm – 1250mm
Control panelOnly up and downUp and down and 3 memory settings
Maximum recommended top size700mm x 1400mm800mm x 2000mm
Operational speed20mm/s38mm/s
Other functionalitiesTimer alert alarm



  • Frame Color: White or Black
  • Height Range: 625mm – 1250mm
  • Speed: 38mm/s
  • Load Capacity: 120kg
  • Sound Level: Less than 50dB
  • Power Rating: Maximum electricity usage – 300W. Standby power usage <0.5W
  • Control Panel: 3 programmable height settings, Timer alert function
  • Recommended Tabletop Dimensions: 1200-2000mm (width) | 600-800mm (depth)

What’s in the Box:

1 x Ergo Office Two Dual Motor Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Frame with Control Panel Installation Guide and Handset Manual


  • Motor and Electrical Parts: 3 Years
  • Frame: 5 Years

Elevate your workspace with the Ergo Office Two, a symbol of premium quality, advanced features, and modern design. Create a dynamic and ergonomic environment that adapts to your needs for a healthier and more productive workday.

13 reviews for Ergo Office Two Dual Motor Height Adjustable Standing Desk Frame

  1. Eddy

    Amazing product, the fact that you can do your own top gives you basically what you want. I love the 3 memory functions I don’t have to do any adjustments anymore…

  2. Gabriel

    Quality product. Feels quite stable and adjusts with ease, even with my 2 heavy screens placed on it. Ordered a 1.5m top from Ergonomics Direct with this and there’s ample working space. Great investment!

  3. Robert

    Easy to set up and even easier to use. Good, quality product. The ability to easily change my position during the day between sitting and standing has definitely enabled me to get through my day with less aches and pains.

  4. Samantha

    I love the ease of adjusting between sitting and standing. The memory settings make the transition even easier. Definitely a good investment

  5. Tamsin

    Bought this frame with a top from here. I had high expectations and so far I’m happy with my purchase.

  6. Arthur

    It has everything I need in a standing desk – a quality product. I had an enquiry about the installation but the staff assisted me within a few minutes.

  7. Denvor

    I am using this standing desk for the last couple months now. What i really love about this is the memory functions that allow you to alternate quickly between sitting, standing and using my saddle chair. The motor is quiet and it can really go so low that you don’t even need a footrest. The price is not affordable for everyone however when sitting in front of your desk for long hours it makes this desk some much worth the price.

  8. Jaco

    Extremely easy to set up, instructions are very clear. Motors are quiet and efficient, and table is extremely stable when standing. No wobble whatsoever for me. Has been a game-changer for me as I can now swap between standing and sitting easily, so I end up standing more, but not so much that I start getting sore

  9. Judy

    Awesome desk. Easy to set up. Love the memory settings.

  10. Debra Grohl

    Life Changing! Works like a charm. It can carry the weight of my big monitors, moves fast enough, memory settings make adjusting between standing and sitting really easy. Its an amazing product, i am a very happy customer!

  11. Gippy

    An absolute must have! Being able to adjust to sit and stand while working is absolutely amazing.!

  12. Cobie

    Great product – it has completely transformed the way I work!

  13. Ruan

    I am really enjoying my desk. The team that did the installation was professional and did the installation in no time at all (this was an additional cost). The ease of adjustability has resulted in me using the desk in a standing position more regularly than I thought I would. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back to a normal desk…

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