Demo Set of 5 Standard Pin Office Chair Castors/Wheels with Hood



Easily change your office chair castors/wheels with this set of 5 office chair wheels with 50mm wheel diameter and standard sized pin.

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Simply pull out the old or broken office chair wheels and snap the new wheels into the bottom of the chair’s base. It is however important to ensure that your chair base accommodates wheels with the standard pin size. It should be easy to pull out the existing wheels to check this.


  • Ideal for use on carpeted surfaces.
  • The wheels are covered with a hood.
  • The stem size is the standard size used by most of the office chair models and brands on the market.
  • Each caster wheel has a grip ring stem which enables you to swap out the wheels without the use of any tools.


  • 50mm diameter wheel.
  • The diameter of the wheel with the hood is 60mm.
  • The wheels are closed with a covering/hood at the top.
  • The castors are made from nylon.
  • Standard pin size with a diameter of 11mm.
  • Standard pin length of 22mm to the top of the metal ring above the wheel.
  • The pin fits most standard office chair bases.
  • Set of 5 wheels.


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